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  1. Hi there, requesting Detachment Access. Please find my 501st profile for Starkiller on here: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14132&costumeID=150 Thanks and kind regards!
  2. Came across this topic and was glad to see, that there will be soon another female Starkiller around Hope, that we can see some pictures of the costume and the work in progress soon! Keep us updated!
  3. Lightsaber electronics are still a work in progress, but guess who was approved last week
  4. Thanks for your comments. I shortened the cloak so I don't step on it any longer. Also pulled it further to the chest. Thanks for mentioning that. Looks much better now Lightsaber is nearly done, but unfortunately at the moment without any electronics. Hope that I can change that soon...
  5. Sorry for not writing for such a long time, but I was quite busy with studies and - of course - with my Starkiller project. I took the shine off of the leather straps on the shoulder bells and I was trying hard to change how the should padding sticks to the flak vest, but that's something I can't really change. As you mentioned it doesn't really matter when I wear the cloak After all that's what I've done over the last few weeks / months. Lightsaber is still work in progress but I hope I can finish it soon. Having problems with the soundboard at the moment
  6. Okay, solved the problem the expensive way Bought another pair of boots - also online, as it is impossible to buy such big boots in a store somewhere close to my hometown. They are according to the seller even 3 or 4 centimeteres more than I would need, so enough space. As soon as I have those and checked that they fit perfectly I will sell the other pair plus one pair of other boots which I took as an alternative for another costume. Will wear the "Starkiller" boots for both of the outfits than and probably make up the costs of the new boots... We'll see ^^ In between I made some pi
  7. Hi there! My costume is near to being complete, will post some more WIP pictures soon. But I have one "huge" problem to solve and have no idea on how to work that one out I bought those boots on ebay, which are already really wide for boots you buy in Germany. Really wide means, that they were about 4 cm too tight for me. I do much sports, thats why my calves are very packed with muscles. Though I bought the boots cause someone assured me that it would be no problem to widen them to my size as they are completly made of leather and not leatherette with some rubber parts. Now I
  8. that's awesome, really great job. keep on with that excellent work!
  9. Hi! Thanks for your replies and your feedback. That helped a lot and got me on some things I didn't even realize before. Thank you I will start working on a lightsaber as soon as possible, too. I know it is not necessary, but somehow I want the outfit to be "complete" I will also get some color for the grey tabards and start on the pattern It took me a while to write on here again, as I wanted to have one of your suggestions applied to my outfit. Well, I tried and it would be great to get some opinion. I tried to make some changes to the chest plates and got this one. Of c
  10. Hi! Thanks for sharing the idea of using an eye hook. That's a great idea, will try on that one. My cloak can't be closed right now. It was just improvised for the photos. I will post another picture, when I have solved that problem...and the one with the neck armor standing away from my neck ^^ The questions I was referring to were the 3 ones from the first post. I have quite a hard time, finding answers to them. Maybe those things aren't as important in fact as I think and maybe don't matter for 501st approval (? - I don't know :-s) , but I'm always about the details. Thank
  11. Sorry for double posting, but can anyone answer my questions, please? Can't go on working on the outfit without having those questions answered. Would be really glad if anyone could help me.
  12. Hi! First of all thanks for your reply and sorry, that I'm writing so late. Had been very busy these days and then had been abroad for a couple of days. Thanks for mentioning the straps. Actually they are dark maroon. I hadn't realised, that they turned out that "black" in the photos. Now that I know, I will lighten them a bit with a leather spray, so that they cannot be taken for being black anymore. Good point. Thanks I'm not quite sure with the chest armor. Had it done smaller first, but when I put the cloak on the shouler padding could be seen between the armor parts and the
  13. Hi! A couple of days ago I started on my Starkiller project. I'm nearly done with all the sewing stuff and would like to have some opinions on what I've done so far, because at the moment it is easier to change things than when all the work is done. It would be great if you could give me some opinions. I already think that I have to change one or two things, but first of all would like to hear what you think. I'm absolutely not happy with how the neck armor is pushed upwards by the cloak, so if anyone had an idea on how I could change that, it would be awesome. And don't worry ab
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