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  1. Ok so I'm FINALLY excited because I can FINALLY say that I've gotten my helmet so I'm one step closer to becoming approved!!!! Color Key: Green = Completed/Have Orange = Have materials for and have not started Blue = Started template White = version 1.0 started (will eventually update for better version copy) Red = Do not have mats or have not started in on Purple = Being made by another I have the following items now: Helmet Gloves Boots Skirt Belt buckle & Cod Piece Balaclava Shirt, vest and pants (being made by a local seamstress... who I might add kicks @$$ from what I've seen with her work! Approval Lightsaber - Trooping Lightsaber (under construction haha) - one I don't mind having to fix if it should fall/break - Items still waiting for: NONE!!!!! Items I'm going to be making/getting Items Currently Working On: Claws - working copy completed! Bands for the gloves Bands and coverings for the boots - I have this planned out with a few reference images so I can make this better Back piece (triangle middle section) with lights neck piece Hair Braid Cords for the right arm - still debating on what to use Balaclava (still do not have one even though I'm approved as a TK lol) Finish the shoulder armor Carve trenches into Armor Spray paint a dark/gun metal silver Weather slightly Attach to suit I will start in on this and start uploading pics once I go and get a few more mats! Soon I'll be on my way to becoming approved!!!!!!!
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