Darth Nihilus (KOTOR II) Cowl Pattern

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Hi Guys,

I'm working on my Nihilus (Kotor II) and I have a few questions about how to sew up cowl, specially because there aren't img on the CRL. If someone could share some extra details on that (maybe the patters will be very helpful.


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Hi to get the effect needed as shown on the pic in the CRL, you can make the cowl as one piece and the cape as another.   

I don´t have a pattern for it, when I made one, but it is more or less a one piece hood so it creates the oval frame as stated in the CLR : creating a closed oval frame around the face.  Just remember to have the triangel form on the top and then drap the fabric down around it.  

Kind of hard to explain... I used this as inspiration to get it to sit right. 


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