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So recently, I have been all about making holocrons. I think carrying one around with me adds to the costume. After I got some practice, I thought it would be fun to design a Nihilus holocron. In the comics, there is such a thing. I saw it first when Darth Krayt was using it to try to get advice from some of the old Sith lords on how to overcome his parasitic armor. The design for the nihilus is really vague as it is in the background and he is using several. Some of the ones in the shot are pyramids and some are tetrahedrons. TheĀ  color is dark red to purple and the designs are pretty hard to discern. I got to thinking about what a Nihilus holocron would look like. I wanted some text but I wanted it in old Sith rather than arabesh. I went with a modified version of the quote about him from Visas Marr "I am a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in my wake life dies". For the design, I went with a center circuit that looks like a vortex or explosion in keeping with the theme of the character and an accent featuring a symbol for the triumvirate. I am going to go with a tetrahedron to further distinguish it from the holocron of heresies which is the most common holocron design I see out and about. This is what it all looks like when I put it together. Next step is to prototype it which I will be doing in the next day or two.


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