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Hey Everyone! Starting up an A'Sharad build! Went and got tons of duck cloth for this!

I did have a tiny question. I was going to use duck cloth for all the tan parts of this build: wraps, tunic etc. It does not say anything specific about the cloth aside from the wraps around the arms, boots and helmet. 

Am I still ok to use duck cloth for everything else? I bought about 12 yards of the stuff just so i could make sure i have enough. I have a different cloth material for the pants and the jacket.




The parts i'm referring to are:

-Inner Tunic

-Waist Sash

-Neck Seal


I have asked several people who have done this build, and they all have stated that it is possible for me to use duck cloth for the parts listed above, they just didnt recommend it due to it being a very hot material.

(Not worried about the heat of the costume so much as i'm worried about durability) 

Also, does anyone know what type of glue/adhesive i can use on the rubber work boots for this kit? Just wanna make sure i have something that will stick pretty well before i start cutting the cloth into strips. 

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