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Celebration: Open Invite Photo For All Legends/EU/Animated Series Characters, Sunday April 16th, 11:45am

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DarthValkyria    133

This is an open invite for all Legends/EU/Animated Series characters to join us for a group photo at Star Wars Celebration Orlando with all the characters we can get that fall under the aforementioned designations! This means that any 501st, Rebel Legion, and public member wearing a costume that is from Legends/EU/Animated Series is free to join us, so long as you are on time!


Since we will be having a TFE panel until 11:30, we will plan this photo for 11:45. Complete info is below!


What: Open Invite Legends/EU/Animated Series Group Photo

When: Sunday, April 16th, 11:45 am

Where: Lower foyer beneath the 501st Room in W206


Please come a few minutes early for organization. We will be heading directly over from the panel.

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