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  1. SL-11283

    Darth Traya - SL11283

    This is my second costume handmade by me :)
  2. SL-11283


    hi! Questions....how do I delete an album ?
  3. SL-11283

    Visas Marr - SL11283

    this is my first costume, handmade by me :)
  4. Merchandising is the hell!!!!!

  5. SL-11283

    Ahhhh haalllp!!

    Hello: D maybe you should make a clearer sign on the lips, it seems as if the black lipstick is gone a little off, so maybe you should do better or dry white, or with a black pencil make a nice side dish to your lips and then put lipstick with a primer under way will last more: D I do for darth traya I wear makeup lips directly with the colored water in order to avoid problems XD
  6. SL-11283

    Darth Malak WIP

    I think that your beginning is very good! Part fabric is really well done ! the " collar " leaves me some doubts the bottom , the image remains more adherent than your shoulders but I think it's just a matter of " finishing touches " with regard to the part " in armor " Red , I think it is just part integral part of the dress and it takes not only your chest from shoulder to shoulder ....
  7. SL-11283


    thank you soooo much
  8. SL-11283


  9. SL-11283


    hello forgive me .... but it allows me to create an album ... it's only reserved for members of the detachment ?
  10. hello! here is my profile page 501st for Visas Marr http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17289&costumeID=115 and this is for darth traya http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17289&costumeID=113 I would like to become a member of the detachment...thanks
  11. SL-11283

    Italian Visas Marr

    and for funny.......
  12. SL-11283

    Italian Visas Marr

  13. SL-11283

    Italian Visas Marr

    hello! Fortunately you can hide the cut with the belt , unfortunately for problems connecting to the internet I could not upload more photos , but I'm trying again : D I cut the dress in life because cos ' is more comfortable in the movements and the skirt accentuates its theatrical aspect when I walk : D
  14. SL-11283

    Italian Visas Marr

    hello everyone! this is my work on the costume of Visas Marr , and although I chose a version that did not include the blaster I have still made ​​with the help of a member of my squad for when we have events where the sword can be in the way : D