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  1. Tlana

    Dr. Aphra - Burgundy Lined Vest Varient

    Yeah! You did it! It makes me happy to see!
  2. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Hi Guys. The hair dye stays on the nylon sleeve perfectly. No rubbing, no mess on the shirt or on the jacket - i'm terribly happy! Last week I made the last modifications and took the pictures I'm thinking of uploading on the CRL-forum. I'm so excited. Have a nice day! Best wishes from Switzerland
  3. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    In the meantime I finished the costume so far. Please notice that the pictures below are just a wearing test and no approval pictures. There are still some points I need to modify. And I'm unhappy with the blaster. I don't like the DL-44 shown on some of the paintings in the comics. It would be a huge clump on my hip which didn't match at all to the original and elegant holster shown front cover paint . So, I have no Idea what to do. On the other hand, blasters have always been an additional costume item. But anyway every advice would be welcome.
  4. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Hello chaosbria, Sharpy didn't work. Maybe US nylon is different from European one. But anyway I was able to solve the problem with hair dye. Et voylà! I had the Idea with the hair dye because I messed a few weeks ago on my tights when I colored my hear. The blurs stayed on the thights.
  5. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    I took a nylon tight and and painted it with edding and alcohol. It didn't work. And a friend of mine told me that I have to use acid-based colour for nylon which is ususlly used for textile industries and not for end users like me, because it needs to be fixed with heat. Hm ... okay, so I have to find another way. I liked the idea with the tights, because of its light and almost invisible texture.
  6. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    A warm hello from Switzerland! I have an update. The belts are finished so far, but they could bear some weathering. In the meantime the tattoo test went terribly wrong. It looked nicely, but the colour didn't want to stay on the nylon sleeve but on my arm and I spent some time to clean up the grey mess on my skin. So I'm looking for other colour and maybe other material for the sleeve ...
  7. Tlana

    Mandalore The Ultimate

    Wow, simply WOW!
  8. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I was able to post some updates. In the meantime Dr Aphra has got three more items: the trousers the T-shirt (I wonder if I should do a decent weathering, because it doesn’t look that white on the front cover). the goggles / glasses still missing: -the jacket -the tattoos -brown contact lenses (maybe) -the boots (I’m thinking of pimping one pair of my officer boots) -the belts -the holster(s) -and the gun(s) I’m really unsure if there are indeed two guns. It seems to be a second one on the left side. It isn’t to see clearly and the thigh is missing. So it could be a bag too. There is a picture of an other front cover with two blasters (which doesn’t make any sense, because the scope of this DL-44 is on the wrong side to wear it properly on the left thigh). I identified three different blasters in Aphras hands so far, a DL-44, a DH-17 and a westar-34. Which one would be the best choice? Would you suggest one or two blasters? I'm thankful for any advice.
  9. Tlana

    Doctor Aphra

    I'm following this thread with big interest, because I'm actually working on the version with the red and grey jacket. There are some more differents, the belt buckle and the neck of the t-shirt for exemple. I'm currently having the same problems as you have - our brave doc changes her outfit almost picture by picture. In the meantime there are so many different under-versions that I'm going slightly mad.
  10. Tlana

    Doctor Aphra

    Congratulations! You did a super cute and cool Dr Aphra. Can't wait to continue on mine. I'm also thinking of sewing a tatoo sleeve. I think the mess is less if you don't have to paint your arm with colour every time ...
  11. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Fantastic to hear I'm going to get a twin sister. I had to make a short break in this project (because I'm helping a friend with her costume and it turned out it is much much more work than I expected) but I'm still in. The trousers are the last part I did so far. I'll load up pics as soon as I can.
  12. Tlana

    Sculpting more Rahm Kota armor

    Your work is fantastic. I can't wait to see it finished. Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us. I learned a lot just watching all those pictures. It is a great inspiration for me how to I could build my own projects more properly.
  13. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Thank you guys.
  14. Tlana

    Dr Aphra - Frontcover Version

    Hi guys! I’m so excided, Dr Aphra will get her own comic series in December – yeah! Finally the gloves are done. It took me three try’s to get a satisficed result (In the end I had to sew them together by hand, because the edges were too tricky to sew them properly by the machine. They are made of dark grey faux buckskin with red faux leather. I’m planning to make the jacket of the same material.
  15. Tlana

    Seventh Sister - SW Rebels Inquisitor

    You look fantastic! Really good work!