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  1. I didn't mean to put words in anyone's mouth. Though perhaps my foot ended up in mine. I just meant that it's unfortunate that the idea of this costume doesn't seem like one that could be approved. The idea being a "real person" version of a Lego character. Hopefully Naare will appear in another format, and then perhaps it can be revisited.
  2. I think your costume is fantastic! It's a shame that the brass isn't open to it being approveable. But my question has been answered, so thank you for that.
  3. I'd love to see any progress on, or prototype of this costume. Was thinking of trying to make one for my wife.
  4. Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hi! I'm Jeff ID27451 from the Wisconsin Garrison, Black Ice Squad. My main reason for being here is to poke around and learn more about the Flagship Eclipse. And to see if anyone has done a Naare costume. If a realistic one could be done, I'd like to try it for my wife. Thanks for letting me take a look around!