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  1. seigfreid_striker

    501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    By decree of Lord Revan, TS 71837 shall henceforth also be known as SL 71837. Thus, SL 71837 is requesting full Flagship Eclipse detachment access: (hopefully the GWL will have my pics up shortly).
  2. seigfreid_striker

    Wide Strap over top of the foot

    I am a size 15, so getting boots is difficult, so I have been looking for a boot for it. The ones I have found that have a strap over the top have a ring on the side. Is that acceptable or is that statement about something else? Thanks
  3. seigfreid_striker

    Officers boots for revan

    Please don't rush on that CRL item - its hard enough to find officer boots at size 15, and they are the last part I need to order to have everything on its way for my promotion to dark lord.
  4. seigfreid_striker

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hello, I'm Bob, TS-71837, a snowtrooper from the Dune Sea Garrison in Arizona. I have quite a few 501st costumes on my list, but I'm here for info on the true dark lord, Revan, because nothing says less warm than a snowie than a black sith robe with armor.