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  1. scottdm62

    Revan WIP TK62000

    I am about to embark upon a journey of streetlights, people, living just to find emotion, or a Revan build. I have ordered from WA and should be shipping to me in mid Jan. Didn't order greeblie pack so I think I still need to make the "leather" between the armor. Need boots, have balaclava and gloves. Looking forward to being part of the Flagship crew.
  2. scottdm62

    How to: Revan's Mid-Section by NS

    Nooooo!!! Photos are jacked!!!! Crying a little. Seriously, need to find a tutorial with photos. Going to scour more in this area.
  3. scottdm62

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Well it looks like now I am going another way for my next costume. Apparently my Father's Day gift this year is Shadow Trooper Armor. Maybe next year for my sith. Happy and sad at the same time.
  4. scottdm62

    Question about Datrh Revan of Wicked Armor

    MWA? I'm intrigued. Is there a contact or website?
  5. scottdm62

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hello all!! I am scottdm62 TK/BH 62000 from Bloodfin!! I am very interested in joining up as Revan. Seeing the cost it looks like something that will be around tax return. I've been a member of the 501st since January of this year. So I a lot of regards I'm still new. I have to date around 20 troops in my TK and 1 in my BH this past weekend. I enjoy the heck out of this. Seeing the smiles of the people and knowing we made someone's day on one of the three hospital troops I've been blessed to be a part of really brings peace to my heart. Well that's me. I'm on the look out for Revan armor I can afford that is passable by our CRL standards. Thank you for your time and may the Sith Lords bless you!!!