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  1. LordVykous

    Finally new Darth Revan incoming

    Thanks I'm hoping to get it done this weekend if time permits.
  2. I am very close to getting my Revan finished for submission for the basic 501st approval. For the flagship I still have a couple of things left to do. Mainly the dropping of the o ring, the leather for the rings and the single piece bracers. (Trying to get a stl print file for those. Anyone who has that that could direct me to it would be appreciated lol.) The clips at the top of the armor will be replaced with the more accurate ones by the time I send my application for approval in. I did have a question for the red material at the bottom of the chest plate. What material would be better to us for it in your all's opinion? I shall include the link to pic of the armor as it sits now and the application pics once they are ready to send in. http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/LordVykous/media/IMG_20171112_142908_zpsmjqllssc.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
  3. LordVykous

    Revan Vambracers and Hand Plates

    If I may ask did you find a file for the braces or did you do it yourself? Also paint wise what did you choose to use? I'm working on my Revan as well. There is no power a Sith uses that a Jedi cannot use as well.
  4. LordVykous

    Question about Datrh Revan of Wicked Armor

    Ok thank you very much.
  5. LordVykous

    Question about Datrh Revan of Wicked Armor

    Could you use a hinge and latch type of setup to the achieved look as well? I'd really appreciate seeing the inside photos when you are able to.
  6. LordVykous

    Question about Datrh Revan of Wicked Armor

    Darth Valkryia could you post some pics of your vambraces showing what they look like for the one piece instead of the two pieces? I'm still working on my MWA kit for upgrades and am curious to see what you are talking about here.
  7. LordVykous

    Darth Revan boots black series figure acceptable?

    Ahhh I see that makes sense.
  8. LordVykous

    Darth Revan boots black series figure acceptable?

    www.hasbro.com/en-us/product/star-wars-the-black-series-darth-revan:67ACEDCC-5056-9047-F5C8-09F4E98C8BBA That's the link to the figure.
  9. I was curious if anyone knows if you do the armor from the black series figure on his boots will it be acceptable or not? It is what I think a very nice addition to his look but will it be approved? I only ask because I was thinking about adding it to the costume and for the most part the figure does comply to the CRL as well. I will try to find a good pic to post for it as well. I know the 3.75 figure is not acceptable for the costume but I was wondering if since this one following the CRL will be.
  10. LordVykous

    Darth Revan lightsaber

    Excellent I'm glad it will work. Definitely let me know too I'm always looking to expand my saber collection.
  11. LordVykous

    Darth Revan lightsaber

    Here is the link to the pic of it http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/LordVykous/media/IMG_20170314_195952_zpsvx1shwlj.jpg.html?filters[user]=146289147&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2
  12. LordVykous

    Darth Revan lightsaber

    I have the fallen saber from saberforge. Will it gain approval or will I have to do some more color alterations?
  13. LordVykous

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Greetings from Knoxville TN. My name is James and I am currently waiting for my MWA Darth Revan set to come in. Once it does I shall be joining the midsouth garrison. I have been reading up on the upgrades for it and have been gathering some of the things that will be needed for it. I did have a couple of questions on this WIP. First in regards to the boots I have found some that should work but with owning the black series figure I noticed that he does have armor pieces on them. Would that be acceptable to add to the costume for approval here or not? Also in regards to the lightsaber I have the saber forge fallen saber will anything need to be done to it to gain approval here as well? Any other advice on the kit is very much appreciated as well. Can't wait to get it and get to trooping.