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  1. Heavy1973

    For Sale/Trade: Biker Scout

    It says so in his post : "If you would rather purchase, $850 shipped USA. Will ship international for additional fee"
  2. Heavy1973

    COTF Work in Progress

    Hi welcome back - well sometimes real life comes in between
  3. Heavy1973

    A Nihilus from France

    Ohh I hope that you can repair the mask - and the gloves ( I understod the reference LOL ) sounds a bit odd, but if you can get used to them, then hopefully it won´t be a problem. Looking forward to seeing your progress pics
  4. Heavy1973

    Question About Visas Marr Boots

    You´re welcome and it is just so important to have some good boots - I also bought a new pair of boots after my approval with a lower heel
  5. Heavy1973

    Question About Visas Marr Boots

    Hi Sorry for the late answer, but yes, those will be fine
  6. Heavy1973

    Darth Nihilus (KOTOR II) Cowl Pattern

    Hi to get the effect needed as shown on the pic in the CRL, you can make the cowl as one piece and the cape as another. I don´t have a pattern for it, when I made one, but it is more or less a one piece hood so it creates the oval frame as stated in the CLR : creating a closed oval frame around the face. Just remember to have the triangel form on the top and then drap the fabric down around it. Kind of hard to explain... I used this as inspiration to get it to sit right.
  7. Heavy1973

    A Nihilus from France

    Hi welcome back again great choices for the parts.
  8. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr build help

    Congrats on the approval
  9. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    Good luck on your approval
  10. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    As Satya already stated, it is really hard to see on this small image, but your pin wheel pattern still looks to bright. Yes it may faint with time, but it needs to be faint gray on approval. And your veil looks a bit to long, (about 5 cm) - it should only reach your shoulders, not go down over them, like it does in the front (don´t know about the back). If you could put up a bigger pic of the front and back, it would be easier for us to comment on your costume - as I said before, I really like your work on this.
  11. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    Hi You ´ ve done a beautiful job on this, love the golden pattern on the sleeves - only worry I have is, that your pinwheels may be to bright in the color, hoping it is because of the light perhaps ? The CRL states, that it needs to be a faint gray.
  12. Heavy1973

    Presentation and advice on Visas Marr unsenn version

    Hi Off course I would like to help you out - it can be a true nightmare to find ones way on the different boards. You can start your WIP (Work in progress) thread in the section for the Visas Marr : http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/96-visas-marr/ That way, you can post pics and ask for advice + show your progress so you have a solid base for when you are ready for approval. As to the size of the sleeves on the outer dress, I would need to see a picture of it - so please go to the link and start your own WIP, and I will have an eye out for it, so I (hopefully) can help you.
  13. Heavy1973

    Presentation and advice on Visas Marr unsenn version

    Hi Welcome - looking forward to seeing your progress, do you have a WIP thread in here ? if not, please do so, it is much easier for us mentors to help out, when we can follow the progress and see some pics a long the way
  14. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr Lightsaber

    Hi I got mine custom made by Hampton´s lightsabers - I sadly do not think, that he is doing any anymore due to illness, but he made it so I can shift between a red blade and a yellow blade. I do not have sound in it, cause I absolutely hate it when I am of for long troops + it drains the batteries faster. I am also a duel member and you can see my saber here.