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  1. My Nihilus is Done!

    Very nice pics indeed you look great.
  2. My Nihilus is Done!

    Much better with the cape - good work - no worries, you´re almost there. X fingers for your approval
  3. My Nihilus is Done!

    Very nice - I do have two smal requests : Could you please take your cape up over your shoulders and down the back instead of having it out over your arms ? In the CRL, you can see, how the cape shall sit. To get the right effect, I use snaps to fasten the cape on the shoulders, so it keeps its place And the second - the lightsaber on your belt needs to be removed, and if you have a clip, that one too. It´s really hard to see the details on the belt from the picture, but if it is as in the CRL, no problem. Good luck on the approval !
  4. COTF Work in Progress

    Hi and welcome It is always a good idea to make a check list like the one you have - I´m also looking forward to see your WIP
  5. Merry Christmas

    Hi all Here in Denmark it is the day before Christmas - we celebrate it on the 24th with our families, good food and gifts in the evening. I just want to say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of you, a big thank you to our awesome detachment command staff for all your hard work, and a warm welcome to all our new forum users and detachments members. I´m looking forward to a new year with the greatest detachment in the Legion
  6. Welcome and congrats on your approval
  7. COTF Nihilus WIP

  8. COTF Nihilus WIP

    Very nice work - you look great - though you need to get the cape to go over the shoulders and down the back. You can get it to hold its place with either snaps or velcro - I did mine with snaps, more secure.
  9. A Nihilus from France

    Good to have you back The tunics are made like this : For the inner tunic - the left side of the tunic crosses over the right side in the front. For the outer tunis - the left side of the tunic crosses over the right side in the front. The belt will hold them in place, so you don´t need to put velcro or else on them, but you can do it it it will make it easier for you to put on the obi and belt
  10. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    I helped one here in Denmark, who bought a non-used WA KOFT version - to get that one approvable, we had to make mods to the cape and sew it on to the tunic. The tunic we had to put padding in the chest area and the skirt wasn´t wide enough, so he had to make a new one. So it´s not out of the box approvable - let us see, when you receive your BB (brown box)
  11. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    From what I can see, the WA has made some changes to the costume, because earlier these couldn´t be approved out of the box without mods - one still needs to make sure it is up to the CRL + add the leather belt and boots. The lightsaber is not required for approval at this moment. I found his page : https://wickedarmor.com/project/darth-nihilus-costume/ It is fully up to the GML to approved the costume, but I always say to people - read the CRL and follow it - if you´re having some questions, go on the TFE forum and we will try to help you out the best we can
  12. Member Program Fundraiser 2017

    Done transid. 7U044257BL5848129
  13. WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    Your welcome replied again on the NG forum
  14. WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    Hi Nice to see you in here too - I´ve made some comments on your wip on NG forum - I´ll put them in here too. Hi nice work so far. It is difficuelt to see the details on your pics - when you take the approval pics, do remember to stand in front of a plain background with good light. I agree with your own points on things that needs to be fixed. I´ve some comments. Your "ears" needs to be bigger, creating a more sharp fram at the the top of the mask The visible spot between you tunic and mask needs to be fixed with black fabric Your cape is way to long, it has to be around 5 cm of from the ground and be heavily weathered. Do you have 2 tunics and 2 skirts ? The outerskirt needs to be visible shorter than the innerskirt = floortlenght or hangs no more than 2 cm from the ground. Needs heavy weathering on both skirts. Outer tunic needs weatering at the bottom Are your sleeves quilted ? Do your belt have the screws/rivets to hold the smaller belt in place ? Gloves needs to be form fitted.
  15. Flashheart gets Savage

    Hi and welcome Ohh Savage is one of my favorits - so looking forward to follow your build. Looks like you are on to a good start