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  1. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    Good luck on your approval
  2. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    As Satya already stated, it is really hard to see on this small image, but your pin wheel pattern still looks to bright. Yes it may faint with time, but it needs to be faint gray on approval. And your veil looks a bit to long, (about 5 cm) - it should only reach your shoulders, not go down over them, like it does in the front (don´t know about the back). If you could put up a bigger pic of the front and back, it would be easier for us to comment on your costume - as I said before, I really like your work on this.
  3. Heavy1973

    advice on Visas Marr

    Hi You ´ ve done a beautiful job on this, love the golden pattern on the sleeves - only worry I have is, that your pinwheels may be to bright in the color, hoping it is because of the light perhaps ? The CRL states, that it needs to be a faint gray.
  4. Heavy1973

    Presentation and advice on Visas Marr unsenn version

    Hi Off course I would like to help you out - it can be a true nightmare to find ones way on the different boards. You can start your WIP (Work in progress) thread in the section for the Visas Marr : http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/forum/96-visas-marr/ That way, you can post pics and ask for advice + show your progress so you have a solid base for when you are ready for approval. As to the size of the sleeves on the outer dress, I would need to see a picture of it - so please go to the link and start your own WIP, and I will have an eye out for it, so I (hopefully) can help you.
  5. Heavy1973

    Presentation and advice on Visas Marr unsenn version

    Hi Welcome - looking forward to seeing your progress, do you have a WIP thread in here ? if not, please do so, it is much easier for us mentors to help out, when we can follow the progress and see some pics a long the way
  6. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr Lightsaber

    Hi I got mine custom made by Hampton´s lightsabers - I sadly do not think, that he is doing any anymore due to illness, but he made it so I can shift between a red blade and a yellow blade. I do not have sound in it, cause I absolutely hate it when I am of for long troops + it drains the batteries faster. I am also a duel member and you can see my saber here.
  7. Heavy1973

    KOTRII Fabric Question

    Hi I would say fabric no.3 also for the KOTOR version dress - as to the sash, yes perhaps the no. 3 would work - is it possible to see those two fabric layed out on the same pic please ?
  8. Heavy1973

    Question About Visas Marr Boots

    I have the same problem - been a dressage rider for over 25 years it shows on my calves
  9. Heavy1973

    Question About Visas Marr Boots

    Hi Yes if those wont show, when you have the dress on and when walking, then the boots should be okay
  10. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr in Germany

    Awesome - congrats and welcome sister - I´m a dual member too.
  11. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr in Germany

    Very nice
  12. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr in Germany

    Indeed - it looks really good
  13. Heavy1973

    Visas Marr build help

    I used a nice cotton fabric, which is a bit to the heavy side for a nice drape and for the veil to stay in place in windy weather - I was so lucky to find a tulle in the same color, which I layed double to use before my eyes. With the golden hot iron on vinyl pattern on, you can´t tell there is a diffence in the fabric
  14. Heavy1973

    KOTOR Nihilus mask

    Yes I know - but many don´t check the CRL´s, so I try to inform people about the difference rather quickly in their buid.
  15. Heavy1973

    Nihilus Tunic

    It´s always a good idea to take a look at the CRL also : http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_darth_nihilus And as Nymalia stated - it is right over left with both tunics