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  1. Darth Bane

    sent him a message earlier now im just waiting to hear back!
  2. Another Darth Bane orbalisk armour build!

    as promised here is the references im planning on using! these are the two earliest versions of bane i can find, they basically look the same except the helmet has been refined a bit more it looks like on the newer version this is a turn sheet for bane as he was supposed to appear in the clone wars in the episode ghosts of mortis. it was a deleted scene but as you can see, in the animated style it lacks the detailing of the other two but it provides a 360 view of the character. it takes off the large sleeves from the other two versions and adds more cloth and less exposed orbalisks. and these are from a legacy comic!! here it seems that they went back to showing more exposed orbalisks and an addition of some non orbalisk shoulder armor. Also i do believe i read that this version was inspired by thomas' bane build. im still looking for some more images of his lightsaber because in the bane trilogy his lightsaber is described as a "hook handed lightsaber" so most newer artwork depicts him with a saber hilt like dooku's with some extra spikes but some also show a standard saber. i do believe the curved hilt has become cannon though. also older stuff shows him with a purple saber blade but again in newer sources he is depicted with the traditional crimson sith blade. with these references is that enough to go off of or do i need more??
  3. Darth Bane

    i personally don't like that version of bane >.> im doing his awesome looking orbalisk armor version!
  4. So I thought I was being clever wanting to do a Darth Bane build but I see a few other people beat me to the punch XD But im still going to press forward because this is a build im passionate about and maybe several of us can pool resources together to make an awesome Bane CRL!!! so I have found a bunch of reference pictures (will upload later) however Bane is an old character he has changed over the years. I made a big lucky score the other day when I found a turn sheet for him from the clone wars!! not the version of him yoda faces but from a deleted scene in the episode ghosts of mortis. This sheet gives a 360 view of him but because its clone wars style does not have a lot of details and its different from some of the older sources iv found. But upon further investigation I found several comic books with bane in them that are cannon and upon more digging discovered that they used a real life cosplayer as the bane model in that comic: Thomas. I'm sure some of you have seen his Bane costume and I just read the thread he posted here actually so this is my question and a point id like to put forward for debate. I know the guideline is no fan made sources but since his costume has become cannon and used in a cannon comic book I feel that his costume should be able to be used as a reference, especially because his costume follows some of the older and newer styles so I think it constitutes the "majority look" mentioned in the guidelines. Now I AM NOT going to be poaching another talented cosplayers work, my costume will not look exactly like his because 1) I don't have his skills 2) I think im going to build mine another way. ill post my wip here unless it belongs somewhere else and if anyone has any other resources or ideas to contribute it will be greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Darth Bane

    and here I thought I was being original wanting to do a bane costume XD im shooting for his orbalisk armored version tho!!
  6. Darth Bane

    whoops im sorry I thought I had added my number, ill get on that!!
  7. Darth Bane

    besides vader, Bane is my favorite sith character XD iv found a few screen shots of a comic with him in and and a toy version that has a 360 but the problem is im not sure yet if that toy/ comic are official XP and also the toy version has very little specific detail on his orbalisk armour so I have a great front shot from the comic but the reference that has a back shot lacks details XD thank you for being so helpful btw!! would this also be something I should get my garrison in on as well?? I already have an officer approved iv just been looking for a second costume
  8. Darth Bane

    this challenge excites me XD I already have an idea how I can do most of this stuff myself, but for reference material am I able to use licensed toys and and action figures or only comics and such??
  9. Darth Bane

    so how would I go about making a costume that could meet legion or detachment standards to become official?? obviously it will need top be good quality but would I need to find resources to site?? I have a few ideas how to do it however XD
  10. Darth Bane

    but there are several comics with him aren't there?? don't some of these characters only show up in the eu comics and such?
  11. Darth Bane

    SO here is a good question, why isn't there a Darth Bane CRL >.> he is literally one of the most important sith in the EU!!!!
  12. "discouraged jedi armor usage"

    this is the jedi armor sold by imperial surplus. i was reading on mynocks den build logs that both armors are only slightly different so im not sure why use if the jedi armor is discouraged? unfortunately i havent been able to find any pepakura files or anything for this kit which is weird tome. any help would be appreciated!! o and how does the 501st define the lightsaber style you can use? because the crl said anything sith style lightsaber with a red blade is fine so i wasnt sure
  13. "discouraged jedi armor usage"

    so question, looking at the crl and it said use of modified jedi armor is discouraged but can it be done? i found a seller who sells jedi armor kits and said most customers mod it. cheers!!
  14. Darth nihilus mask

    touche!! here is the mask, im planning on printing it and finishing it so i can eventually slush cast it
  15. Darth nihilus mask

    Good afternoon all!! I currently have an imperial officer costume and im looking at kotor nihilus because he seems to be the easiest sith lord to do XD I found a 3d print file I wanna use for his mask however the red stripes are raised up a bit from the surface, is this going to be an issue for me? I didn't see it addressed in the crl besides saying those red stripes must be present