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  1. Hi, requesting detachment access, thanks. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18595&costumeID=107
  2. Teiwaz

    KOTOR Nihilus Obi Width

    The CRL says the obi is approximately 4cm wide. The CRL photo shows an obi closer to 4 inches wide. Whats right whats wrong?
  3. Teiwaz

    Stretching PVC Boots

    Hi I have a pair of plain black PVC equestrian boots for my Nihilus, but they are too tight in the calf. Plan B is just to cut off the top 6 inches of the boot, but I'm looking for options to avoid that. PVC doesn't stretch with ice like leather does, but references around the net indicate it can be stretched by heat. Has anyone had any experience stretching PVC boots this way?