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  1. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Hi Everyone! I've finished my Darth Talon cosplay and I need helps from everyone! I want to be approved in the 501st and I want to be the CRL (really important)! I've made some improvement on the costume (Tattoos). I've add more tattoos based on the reference library! I think Darth Talon must have the shoulder tattoos, the leg tattoos (If you look at a cosplay without those tattoos on the side.....the cosplay look like a red twilek only....something is missing! Darth Talon is known for her multiples tatoos!) I've also add the bottom back tattoos (If you look at a cosplay without back tattoos, there's also something missing!) I will show picture of everything i've done one by one to be sure my cosplay is good enough! I'm ready to put more works on it to become a member of the 501st and to in the CRL. Let's start with this! LEG TATTOO: Leg Tattoo Image https://v9bi4w.by3301.livefilestore.com/y3m9jjyZuCQSkPu7tX9UlNQ8-Uv4Zcee7XzQHUVKDvcwm0USMLfTtI5kV2cs0VZ-l6qUPyHl5eFlHq5_ARpEgwxCSi_Q_2MFfXdfFvXMxN-Iv24JTUAMpbBkAyynoteeWMI4fCoDmOm6O8wt9ek_6fzpXeFxr4n5UnjV0h8tyncaZ8?width=4000&height=6000&cropmode=none Leg Tattoo Reference http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/1878-no-caption/ The Tattoos seem to be differents on a lot of picture, so I base mine on this one! NOTE: All the tattoos in this picture and the upcoming pictures are patterns made by myself!
  2. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Bikini top armor Bikini top Front) Forearm Armor
  3. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Here's the Forearm armor
  4. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Here's the picture of my bikini armor and the result! The only thing missing is the back of the bikini.
  5. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Yes! My patterns are already made for the extension of the boots! I'll post pictures soon!
  6. Aayla_Cosplay

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hi! My name is Andriele. I'm from Canada. I want to make a cosplay of Darth Talon, my goal : make it as much accurate as I can! I Want to join the 501st cause the Canada Garrison cause I Love Star Wars and a lot of my friends are in and I would love shared the same passion with every members during Comiccon!
  7. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Hi! Just bought my boots! I will add leatherette material on top of the boots. These are Over-The-Knee type boots, I want them to reach the mid-Thigh. http://www.gojane.com/111797.html
  8. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Thanks! I will show pictures of my works! Really soon! Starting the project this sunday!
  9. Aayla_Cosplay

    Darth Talon Project

    Hi everyone, i'm starting my Darth Talon cosplay in less than 1 weeks. I'm wondering if I can make the front of the bikini top in metal? There's an official side show like this!! Can I do it for the approuval or i must absolutly make it in leather ou leatherette? Thank you!!