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  1. Darth Talon Project

    Hi Everyone! I've finished my Darth Talon cosplay and I need helps from everyone! I want to be approved in the 501st and I want to be the CRL (really important)! I've made some improvement on the costume (Tattoos). I've add more tattoos based on the reference library! I think Darth Talon must have the shoulder tattoos, the leg tattoos (If you look at a cosplay without those tattoos on the side.....the cosplay look like a red twilek only....something is missing! Darth Talon is known for her multiples tatoos!) I've also add the bottom back tattoos (If you look at a cosplay without back tattoos, there's also something missing!) I will show picture of everything i've done one by one to be sure my cosplay is good enough! I'm ready to put more works on it to become a member of the 501st and to in the CRL. Let's start with this! LEG TATTOO: Leg Tattoo Image https://v9bi4w.by3301.livefilestore.com/y3m9jjyZuCQSkPu7tX9UlNQ8-Uv4Zcee7XzQHUVKDvcwm0USMLfTtI5kV2cs0VZ-l6qUPyHl5eFlHq5_ARpEgwxCSi_Q_2MFfXdfFvXMxN-Iv24JTUAMpbBkAyynoteeWMI4fCoDmOm6O8wt9ek_6fzpXeFxr4n5UnjV0h8tyncaZ8?width=4000&height=6000&cropmode=none Leg Tattoo Reference http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/1878-no-caption/ The Tattoos seem to be differents on a lot of picture, so I base mine on this one! NOTE: All the tattoos in this picture and the upcoming pictures are patterns made by myself!
  2. Darth Talon Project

    Bikini top armor Bikini top Front) Forearm Armor
  3. Darth Talon Project

    Here's the Forearm armor
  4. Darth Talon Project

    Here's the picture of my bikini armor and the result! The only thing missing is the back of the bikini.
  5. Darth Talon Project

    Yes! My patterns are already made for the extension of the boots! I'll post pictures soon!
  6. Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hi! My name is Andriele. I'm from Canada. I want to make a cosplay of Darth Talon, my goal : make it as much accurate as I can! I Want to join the 501st cause the Canada Garrison cause I Love Star Wars and a lot of my friends are in and I would love shared the same passion with every members during Comiccon!
  7. Darth Talon Project

    Hi! Just bought my boots! I will add leatherette material on top of the boots. These are Over-The-Knee type boots, I want them to reach the mid-Thigh. http://www.gojane.com/111797.html
  8. Darth Talon Project

    Thanks! I will show pictures of my works! Really soon! Starting the project this sunday!
  9. Darth Talon Project

    Hi everyone, i'm starting my Darth Talon cosplay in less than 1 weeks. I'm wondering if I can make the front of the bikini top in metal? There's an official side show like this!! Can I do it for the approuval or i must absolutly make it in leather ou leatherette? Thank you!!