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  1. Visas Marr in Germany

    My KOTOR II inner dress and veil are finished! The gold trim has been applied to the fabric I’m using for my Unseen, Unheard version of the costume, and I’m getting ready to cut the rest of those pieces out soon. (This is the one I really want to wear, since I made so many mistakes with the KOTOR version.) The paint is dry on my outer dress, but I think it might be a little too bright in some places. If necessary, I will fix those areas after the dress is finished. I’ve begun the painstaking process of peeling off the masking pieces from the vinyl. My lightsaber has been shipped, so if I’m lucky, it will be here next week. I need to get this costume ready to submit by the end of April, if I want any hope of wearing this to Legoland next month. It’s become like a full-time job right now!
  2. Visas Marr in Germany

    Today was “paint test day” here. Using a can of dark grey primer and a can of silver all-purpose spray paint, I painted a small square of stenciled overdress fabric. Half was done with primer plus paint, the other half with paint alone. Tomorrow morning, I am going to abuse the fabric by tossing it in the dryer for a little while. After that, I’ll decide which painting method works best for the longevity of the design. Note: I will be over-spraying the actual dress with a mist of black paint after the silver paint dries. I need to ensure the design won’t wear off easily first, because I am not going to be happy if all of this work fades after a few outings.
  3. Visas Marr in Germany

    I can’t take over the Legion without having costumes approved in each detachment, Chris.
  4. Visas Marr in Germany

    And now you know why I’ve been working on this costume for nearly three years!
  5. Visas Marr in Germany

    So, for the outer dress, I’m using Oramask 813 translucent stencil film (four 20-foot rolls) and Oracal HT55 High Tack Transfer Tape. This combination works quite well, but be aware that there’s still a lot of work involved. I’ve tried other films and transfer tapes, and I could never get the stencil film to adhere to the fabric after transferring it from the film backing. The black vinyl fabric I’m using now is not the fabric I used when I started this costume. It’s much thinner and drapes a lot better. The reverse side is also black, so I don’t need to line it. I found it hidden under a cutting table at my local fabric store here in Germany, so I can’t provide any details. Since the fabric has no weave or regular texture, I was able to lay the pattern pieces on it fairly close together, to minimize the amount of masking I need to do. I used a silver Sharpie marker to trace the cutting lines. I’ll add more photos in the morning, to show the process involved with the stenciling.
  6. Visas Marr in Germany

    I sat next to my Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter for many hours today. Cut the gold trim for my second Visas underdress and veil (Unseen, Unheard version), as well as 36 feet worth of masking material for the overdress. The machine tends to let the material slip if I don’t watch it carefully, so I didn’t want to leave it. Every now and then, it seems like I can still hear the sound of that machine. It’s worse than having an obnoxious song stuck in your head.
  7. Visas Marr in Germany

    I bought a couple that I hoped to use for my Asajj Ventress costume. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the construction. They still light up, but I’m probably going to let my kids play with them.
  8. Visas Marr in Germany

    She simply wanted to ensure that my masking work was properly textured for the photo, so you could see it better. (I’m a knitter, and she LOVES posing with my WIPs!)
  9. Visas Marr in Germany

    It was an Ultrasabers saber, but I’m not sure how big it was supposed to be. I heard they have trouble with their rechargeable batteries exploding, and I’d rather not deal with that.
  10. Visas Marr in Germany

    The back half of the outer dress is masked and ready to paint. Cat for scale.
  11. Visas Marr in Germany

    I can’t wait until it gets here! It looks a lot nicer than the one I considered ordering from another company.
  12. Visas Marr in Germany

    Early birthday present for myself! (SaberForge Adamant lightsaber.)
  13. Visas Marr in Germany

    Thanks! I’m going to trim it about 3.5” shorter. I will probably remove some of the fullness, as well, to make it look closer to the reference photos. That veil is so difficult to get right!
  14. Visas Marr in Germany

    I am almost done with my veil (still need to finish the seams). I can still make minor adjustments, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What do you think? (The color didn’t photograph correctly. It’s a little darker than shown in the first photo in real life.)
  15. Visas Marr in Germany

    Things I've learned thus far.... - Heat transfer vinyl does not work on the black pleather-type fabric I'm using for the outer dress, so the interlocking circles pattern must be painted. - Using vinyl masking material works great, but only if you can find a transfer tape that is sticky enough to lift the masking material off of its base without being so sticky that you can't get the masking material to stick to the fabric. (Many swear words have been spoken during this process.) - The dark grey paint pen I bought looks good, but only under certain lighting conditions. With a camera flash, the paint seems to glow. I'll have to see how it looks under natural light after the outer dress is finished. I may need to tone it down with black spray paint. This costume should NOT be taking me this long to complete!