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TFU 2 Lightsaber

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hi all, I would like to ask a question and ask for help to create a lightsaber hilt of cloned Starkiller ... I'm looking for information about hilt, if someone have drawing of the handle, please post it ,if I do drawing,i post it myself ... The only thing that I could find a reference - this is video, this video is a replica of the lightsaber, which sells for $ 450.

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Guest Daritha

Here is a relatively good view on Starkiller's (or ... Clonekiller's?) two lightsaber:




Also, you can see the ls hilts fully at the end of the first trailer for TFU II which released in 2009. The one, in which the clone battles in the arena against the gorog.

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Guest SuperAzza101

That youtube video is the same man i got my TFU1 lightsaber off. The only photo i can find of the lightsabers is the one already posted on here sorry :(


If i find something though i'll post it up here as soon as possible!

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To get the approximate hilt size, scaled to your own hands, you can use ratios.


I measured the approximate width of SK's hand on my screen from your linked screen shot. I got 1.06"


I then measured the length of the hilt on my screen and got 3.42


The width of the hand in the photo over the length of the hilt in the photo has to equal the width of the hand in real life over the length of the hilt in real life. The ratios have to be the same.


So we know that 1.06 divided by 3.42 equals the width of your own hand divided by the length of the hilt in real life.


My hand when held in that approximate position is about 3.61" across my knuckles.


By math this resolves to 1.06 / 3.42 = 3.61 / n


Cross multiplying gives 1.06n = 3.42x3.61 = 12.35


or n = 12.35 / 1.06 = 11.65


So if I was to make the hilt to look right in my own hand, it would be a little over 11 5/8" long.


~ Vonnor

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Guest DarthSisk

I got my Starkiller II double lightsaber hilts from a guy on ebay "tattoosby5" for about $300, and they're 100 times better than Savatron's sabers. They are very accurate, and I absolutely love mine. They are well balanced, and quite comfortable. He doesn't offer the blades, unfortunately, but they aren't too expensive by themselves, anyway.

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