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Revan setup details

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Hey everyone!


So I purchased a Wicked Armor Darth Revan full kit, and I'm a little confused on some of the final set up things.. Hopefully some other Revans here can help me out..


For the cuirass pieces, the WA instructions say to wrap the 3/4" web belt around your hips and buckle on the other side. Initially, mine didn't have a belt attached, so I emailed WA and they sent me a buckle with about 2 inches of belt on one side, and an extra piece about 10 inches long. I'm a super skinny guy, but there is no way that will "wrap around" my hips.. The kidney armor attaches to the front plate with the velcro, is this webbing just to connect the kidney armor in front of my belly to help everything maintain a snug fit? Can I thread a web belt through the inside of the loops that hold the rings and put a buckle on each side to achieve the same result? It would be hidden, so I don't think it'd be a CRL hit, but I'm new, so I'm not positive..


Also, the grey straps that the ring is suspended from. The instructions specifically say not to attach the adhesive to the leather detail on the back plate, but it seems like if I put the straps below it, they are almost parallel with the ground, and if i angle above it, it's almost vertical..


I'm sure I'll have other questions, but I'm kinda stuck at this point because I don't want to (semi) permanently attach anything until I KNOW I'm doing it right.. Any help or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated!


(also, in no way should this post be considered a negative review of Wicked Armor, they've been super helpful and respond to e-mail reasonably fast, i'm only asking here because ultimately, it's going to be a 501st person approving my kit and not the craftsman who made it..)

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