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2020 LMO Team


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Hello everyone!


My name is Nathan Wilens and I will be the LMO for Detachment for the 2020 year. Michael “Ren” Coussement will be my backup.


Why are you assigned to TFE?


I am very excited to be working with TFE this year – a few years ago I helped my fiancée, Karina, plan her build for the Seventh Sister Inquisitor. The challenge of translating animation to reality resulted in what became one of my favorite costuming projects. This year, we are stoked to continue down that path and build the Second Sister Inquisitor. I cannot wait to see what we can do with the Second Sister CRL, as well as the other awesome costumes in development here.

Beyond that, I am a big nerd who has consumed a lot of the content from which TFE derives it’s costumes – I’ve watched all of Clone Wars, all of Rebels, some of Resistance. I’ve beaten Jedi Fallen Order, KOTOR, KOTOR 2, Force Unleashed, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight 1, 2, Jedi Academy, etc. You get it. I am committed to helping you guys create wonderful costumes from these mediums that I love so much.


What is an LMO?

The 501st charter says..

“The Legion Membership Team is responsible for reviewing and processing applications for membership and maintaining and updating member information in the Legion database. The Legion Membership Officers drives costume policies, including acceptable costume types for membership and setting standards for costume submissions, and are the final arbiter of member costume issues and approvals. The Legion Membership Officer supervises and advises Detachments, Garrison Membership Liaisons, and Garrison Web Liaisons on any questions or issues they may have with member’s costumes.”

Basically, we are the final word when it comes to costume standards. Detachments research costumes, someone makes it and creates a CRL, and then the CRL is submitted to the LMOs where we look over it and ensure that it is consistent with the language and standards seen across the rest of the 501st.


If there is anything I can do to be of assistance, please do not hesitate to PM me, either here or in the 501st forums.

Thank you and let’s have an awesome year.

-Nathan Wilens

Lead LMO


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Hi everyone :-)

I'm Michael and, like Nathan already announced, I'll be one of the LMO's for this Detachment.
Nathan already described what our job is, so I'll stick to just a brief introduction of myself:

Despite being born in ’91, I have been a Star Wars fan since long before the prequels – and eventually sequels – came to theatres.
I have lived and breathed Star Wars ever since my dad recorded V and VI on VHS tapes when they aired on a French TV station (I did not even speak French back then ).
That means I have also enjoyed my fair share of extended universe material (Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, the movie tie-in games that are probably no longer canon like Rogue Squadron, Battle for Naboo, Bounty Hunter, …), which I loved with the same passion. Recently, we of course had the wonderful Jedi: Fallen Order game, which I played 3 times in a row.
It is this game that made me and my girlfriend, who is a Rebel Legion member, pick the Second Sister Inquisitor as her first costume for the 501st.
I have studied the costume extensively and worked together with Giovanni from CrowProps (for the second time) to create the most accurate boots and gloves we could achieve.

Therefore, I am very excited to be able to work with the Flagship Eclipse Detachment on publishing the CRL for this no doubt very popular character.

Like Nathan already said as well: if there are any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact me (or him). We are at your disposal!

Kind regards,

Michael Ren / DS-16591

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