How is your lightsaber training?

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I'm not a sith yet, but already started some lightsabre training.

I was checking some YouTube channels about saff/saber manipulations (Michelle Christa Smith), Kung Fu movements (Sifu Kuttel) and some others to get some basic knowledge about movements and technique. At the moment I have only one lightsabre, but as a Revam in the future, I want to play with two, so I made training sticks from PVC pipe, each 1m long.

I just started and don't have much time to practice, but it gives me so much fun. It is also good physical activity (but remember, before you start, you have to worm up!). It will aslo show you big difference, between your arms and wrist (control and mobility). That is why I started to practice all the movement with both arms.

Do you train lightsabre movements? What are your experiences, motivations etc.?


Here you can see difference between my left and right arm:) It is just basic movement, but it is just the beginning of my Sith Path:)

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