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AhsokaFreakingTano Mortis Ahsoka WIP/Tutorial

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So I've just finished my Winter Ahsoka. I have an approved clone wars Ahsoka which you can see here:


Cause I'm being a little lazy aside from doing the fabric for this costume all of my stuff is here/going to be here as a full tutorial for people wanting to make and Ahsoka Costume


It's a little slow to update at the moment because I have college. 

Before I submit I'm remaking my current headpiece, it's been sculpted and molded I just have to have the weather cooperate with me so I can order the rest of the materials. 

From now until late August the only thing I'll have time for is the soft parts since I need to be done with college to finish up the new headpiece. Bear with me while I get photos uploaded on that tutorial (I currently have about 30 pictures to upload, talk through, and organize)

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So I'm slowly working on this, I needed a little break and wanted to get my bearings on other costumes I have to do (hint it's 6 between now and... October at the latest). 
So: I have dummy hilts for my sabers they've been printed just gotta make them pretty. 
Model here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1121939
Oh, I also just (as in about 15 mintues ago) had my dagger done printing



Here's some print progress. Again same model maker and it can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2932166
I'll be getting the pieces Saturday and I'll do a dry fit then and take a pic. 

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So while it was not my intention for it to have taken this long to complete this costume, nor was it my intention to not update this WIP, it happened. 
However, I'm fully approved with my Mortis Ahsoka now and I've found some photos I took while working on it which I'll upload and explain. 

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