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Starkiller: Which versions allowed for 501?


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I'm currently toying with starting a Starkiller WIP in this thread, mostly because my wife is working on Juno Eclipse and I'd love to have a true couples costume. There are quite a few different versions of the costume from the game, some of which have a CRL.


My backup choice would be the TIE Factory Training version, as it is recognizable and has photos in the CRL to help. But, my favourite version is the Corellia/Death Star version, and I'd love to do this one.


39946751372_c5d2cb7aa6_o.jpgUntitled by hockeytiggerrr, on Flickr



I know this version is acceptable for the Rebel Legion, but I'm wondering if it can be used for the 501st as well. Starkiller wears it while he's still working for Vader and assembles the Rebel leaders as a means to distract the emperor(or so he thinks). He wears it on the Death Star which can play out to a dark side ending.


I'd be willing, when my time to build it comes, to do all the screenshots/research to get it to a new approvable costume. I think it should be 501-acceptable, and just wanted to ask the question.



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Any version of Starkiller acceptable in the RL is NOT acceptable in the 501st.
It comes down to when he was "Good" or "Bad", we only take the "Bad". lol

That's too bad. He was both good and bad while wearing that particular outfit, so that's one I was hoping there would be opportunity for. I may still do the Tie Factory Training version.

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There was another discussion about a year ago regarding the TI jacket look with the open jacket, this was also not accepted in the 501st. Even though he was dressed in the Imperial garb, this was a point when he was good and leaving the bad. This look was also not accepted by the RL as far as I know of, I have not heard anything new on that topic in quite some time. I am guessing the RL just didn't want a costume in their ranks wearing Imperial garb, which makes sense to me. It was not accepted in our ranks, because he was on the good side of the fence with this look. So as far as I am aware of, this look is not accepted by either group, just FYI, in case your were interested in this look as well.

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