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Zara's Darth Talon W.I.P and upgrades


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Hi there everyone, this is my current Darth Talon costume that I made earlier this year, but I intend to build most of it from scratch overtime to slowly get it to 501st approval level, I'm wearing it as it is for Celebration Europe next week then I'm getting stuck into my upgrades, which is why I've made this thread. I plan to make new lekku that will be easier to blend into my head (my current ones are latex but rather thick on the forehead, hence the headband, which I know has to go if I want approval 0_0) her back head armour, extend my boots, a better shaped bra/accurate top and a new belt. Also I'm going to get rid of the cape, It's mostly used when nobody is around to help paint the tattoos on my back ^_^; I'll post what I currently have and my progress photos for now, I'd love any hints or tips to urge me in the right direction, this is my first attempt so be gentle :P



Here's my Talon as she is at the moment plus some shots of my armour and lekku, I know she's nowhere near approval quality, but that's why I'm going to have my remaking adventure :P I can't wait to share my upgrades, I'll be starting a new lekku sculpt after Celebration Europe:




This is what I have currently, I plan to ditch the headband and cloak and make her proper headpiece for my Approval W.I.P, toy saber is gonig to repalced with a Talon saber commission 










It's made out of Worbla, I'm not entirely happy with these, but they do for now as I research upgrades. I need to make a back buckle and her head armour next, will probably attach that to my new lekku with velcro.






This is my outfit without armour or bodypaint, Need to extend the boots, but this should get me through Celebration next week ^^ (And keep me motivated to carry on worknig out, Talon is not a forgiving costume ^_^:)  I'm having issues making the bra/top the way I want it to be, so that's giving me a huge headache at the moment.



Lekku: I actually made these two years ago but never managed to wear them. They're my second attempt at latex Lekku, and I'm looking to remake them soon (I want smoother lekku and to make the seamline on the forehead thinner so I can blend them into my skin)







I'm saving up for a Darth Talon lightsaber commission, it's going to cost me a bit *_* but will be so worth it



Right that's more or less my current build so far, far from 501st level I know but it gives you all an idea of where I currently am and what I'm working towards, hopefully I can share my Version 2 W.I.P's here and maybe get some tips along the way :)


as soon as I've remade my lekku I'm making the head armour, then remaking the top.


oh, and just for the fun of it:





I'll be back posting my new Talon w.i.p's soon!



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right, I'm back with upgrades and after some advice... after a few months of tweaking...  my Talon now looks like this. Excuse the lack of tattoos it was a quiet day. 





I'm remaking the bra as I'm not happy with it (hence the boob tube in some photos as it wasn't being, erm, very supportive on the day) but I need some advice on making the armour. What materials would you recommend? My old set here are made of Worbla but I'm not happy with them at all, I'm thinking PVC might be better




the gloves, belt and boots need redoing too. Any advice as I work in this is welcome

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I used worbla for my armor, and I think a few others have done so also. I know some also use cut and burnished metals like aluminum (like those for purchase from Twilek paradise), but worbla worked pretty darn well for me and has held up so far. You could make worbla look more metallic via exploring painting methods. Since you're not wanting to stick with worbla, I'd say give the metal or pvc a try. I'm not an expert or anything though so take my advice with a grain of salt. :) Hopefully someone more experienced can chime in,but do let me know if I can help at all.


Your painting looks super good on your skin, btw!

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Assisted on a talon build; we modified a strapless bra. The bra provided the support, and a cover was sewn with leatherette and then permanently attached to the bra. 

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