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Visas Marr (KOTOR) questions


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Hello I am hoping to get started on the KOTOR version of the Visas Marr costume. I have a few questions after viewing some of the forum posts and I am sure I will have more once I really get going.


My first questions are about the inner dress fabric. I have noticed most people seem to be using formal dress fabrics, and I am wondering if linen or cotton is allowed? The fancier dress fabrics are smooth and linen has an obvious woven texture so that could be an issue. I really would like the breathability and drape of linen, but don't want to make a dress that can't be approved. How dark does the dark red need to be? I'm attaching some not-so-amazing cell phone pictures of a linen-cotton blend I would love to use for the inner dress. The color is a little darker in person but I couldn't get it to look exactly the same on my phone. I included a very close shot to show a close up of the fabric texture, but it isn't perfectly in focus.


My other question is about the people cutting gold fabric for the trim instead of painting it on. What type of gold fabric is being used? I'm wondering how it doesn't unravel? Unless bonding or fusing it prevents that? I have no experience cutting and adding a fabric as a decoration so I'm really clueless.


(I am not forum savvy and don't know that the photos are attaching properly so sorry in advance for that if they just remain thumbnails. I am posting from a mobile device so that could be my issue.)post-1466-0-32082800-1448760792_thumb.jpgpost-1466-0-81685500-1448760812_thumb.jpg

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As long as the fabric is the correct color, has an appropriate texture, and is matte, it doesn't really matter what it is. The CRL doesn't specify an exact fabric you have to use for the inner dress.  A lot of different kinds of fabric could work for it.  I looked at satins, cottons, viscose, jerseys, silk... a whole bunch of stuff.  If the linen has a really loose weave, that might be an issue, but it's hard to tell from those photos, the first one makes it look pretty smooth. 


I think most people who've gone the applique route are using vinyl for the trim, since it can't fray. The adhesive used for appliqueing will prevent fraying, but not forever. It's not uncommon for people to use things that do fray for appliques, but the edges have to be "sealed", usually with a satin stitch. I've opted for heat transfer vinyl, which is basically a super thin vinyl with adhesive already on the back.  It's commonly used for t-shirt appliques.

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Thanks Darth Sunshine!


The fabric color is crimson so I hope that is a dark enough red. The weave of it is fairly tight, but not as smooth as most cottons. I do not think the texture will detract from the overall look when the costume is completed. I will try washing the fabric in hot to tighten up the weave as much as possible before I start cutting.


Thank you for the tip on the heat transfer vinyl. It sounds like it might work well. I was worried if I go with the linen that paint might show or amplify the appearance of the texture of the fabric, but the vinyl should stay smooth. I will experiment with some test pieces first before I decide for certain. Do you think silver or grey vinyl could be used to make the lines on the gloves or would paint be better for those?

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I know the phone on my camera always likes to make things way brighter than they actually are.  It does look like it's as dark as the CRL example though, and it's got the right blue undertones. If you're worried, you can ask Heavy1973 for her opinion, she's the Visas costume mentor.


And yeah, using fabric paint on textured/fuzzy surfaces is a paaaaaaaaaain. It's definitely something to try and avoid. x__x


I'd recommend paint for the gloves since they're put under a lot of stress when you put your hands in and out of them.  Heat transfer vinyl might be hard core enough to stick to it permanently, but I know that vinyl appliqued on using a craft store adhesive like Wonder-Under would start peeling after a few wears.  The paint will crack eventually, but it'd be easier to touch up.

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I am just wondering if your still working on this costume or maybe have finished? I am in the process of putting this together for my girlfriend and was hoping I could get your assistance with this? I have many questions and have no clue to the world of sewing lingo. Thanks

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