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Knights Of The Fallen Empire


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Until someone builds a costume and supplies source material and a costume that meets our standards, we don't make costumes official.   It's a cart and horse situation.   Once someone builds something, decisions get made as to whether or not it can be considered.   


Generally speaking though, he's definitely a bad guy.


In this case, Arcann's cybernetic arm would be my biggest area of concern, to do so accurately and still meet our standards.   There is a line I am looking for in our guidelines but I am currently having a hard time finding it.

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Oh ok, that makes sense. I feel like the cybernetic arm would look cool if it were done with a similar design of the Acolyte armor (obviously with a sleeker look) and a black under armor arm piece to hide the skin. But I'm absolutely terrible with creating costumes so I could be wrong lol.


Speaking of that though, who would be a good armor vendor to contact about doing Starkiller, Sith Acolyte, or Kylo Ren? Although I'm not sure which category Ren falls into.

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Guest i.Chimaera

*whispers*Valkorion, cough, cough cough. I went in really wanting to hate him. Darn game... especially now that there is no "right" path....


Anyway, yeah when I first watched the opening I thought how the arm really did look like an arm with soft tissue, just rigid. And then I looked at the joints. Sadly they totally defy anatomy. But there are people with prosthetic arms who may be inspired and that's awesome. Especially given the closing gap in terms of costs (medical devices are still pricey- $500 for a set of fabric wrist splints, really world? Is that perhaps a little steep?)


Thexan wears the same gear in black of course. And spoilers aside I think the cinematic kind of explains his dark side inclination. 


I have to admit I love the look as it reminds me of female turian tunics... I do not run around pretending to be a turian in SWTOR. Never. Ehem.

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