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sith trooper


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Hello . and immediately I apologize for the mistakes ( I use transleatora ) form Sith Trooper . and please help how and what to improve , photos are in the gallery . please speak on the topic and giving advice .

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I know from the torso to the amendment. together with epaulettes are on a hard material and a mistake. helmet is already drawing and busier an already Layout. lighting works backpack :) I correct torso from back. We are staying more tailored to the body He asked me more of a description of what still improve

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First I want to congratulate you in your effort of taking on this project.
You have meticulously created all of the details. There will be some revision needed to make the suit fit and look natural/authentic.

First, I would like you to consider the salt to your pepper in costume form;

This is a kit with an amazing level of attention to detail, further brought to life by the costumer’s own efforts.
I compliment your Sith Trooper scratch build for a similar level of detail.

Notice the construction technique of the Hazard trooper. It is vacuumed formed over sculpted bucks. This allows for easily recreating complex curves that bending flat materials makes difficult to achieve.

Look at the thighs on the Sith Trooper again;
Not only do they shrink as they go down, but there is also a light curve. Similar to the most prevalent armour example in the Legion:

Rather then rebuild the whole trooper, I would concentrate on perfecting the form of the helmet, shoulder bells and torso.

I hope to encourage you. You have taken on difficult creation and I think you have the drive to make an excellent costume.

Please post images of your progress work to this thread for future discussion.

Welcome aboard,


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what material he was taken to the Sith Trooper is a PVC 3-5 mm. not allowed to create arcs. you can see the design is not too easy . and perhaps destroy it and start over.torso already more wrong . arms are already spread out , and I think I will do a new one. because here I August accounts incidence of side guards do not like.according to me , buddy thighs are cone-shaped


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Just a word of encouragement, everyone has a starting place and this hobby is all about evolution.

Here is an example from my friend David Carpenter’s Guyver evolution.

guyver03.jpg AWAfansview.jpg

See his amazing work today at Bioweapons.com


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