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Blend body paint on a bald cap?


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I did a "dry run" of the makeup for my Ventress costume last night and found it to be very much a learning experience! I think I'll have to try a few more things before Saturday's con.


I followed previous advice provided in another thread to blot the liquid makeup (water-based) on with a sponge first and then airbrush it afterwards, which worked very well. I have a latex bald cap to wear and we put castor seal on the bald cap thinking it would help the makeup blend better, but it didn't - I'm guessing it was because oil and water don't mix :roll: I ended up with blank spots where the paint wouldn't stick to the latex, and a streaky look over most of the cap.


Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can do to the bald cap to make it look less fake (i.e. smooth) and more like skin? I was wondering if blotting on liquid latex with a sponge might be an option?

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Guest Sakara


ooh the joys of baldcaps!


ok i got told this by a makeup artist who works on Dr Who lol...make up some 'pax'


pax is prosaide mixed with a little red acrylic. You stipple this over the bald cap after youve applied it. stipple with a chunky sponge and itl create a nice uneven matt surface on the cap ( human skin isnt nice and shiny as a plastic cap) Also the red shade mimics the blood under our own skin so that when the makeup drys itl look the same shade on the cap as it does on your skin.


Prosaide btw is the best glue to attach the cap, you can also brush small amounts along the edge of the cap to blend the cap edges. remove this stuff with prosoff remover. very gentle and effective remover.


you can also use isopropal alchol to blend the edges of a latex cap.


ive used both latex and glatzan plastic caps and my preference is plastic...i get a much smoother application , but other people prefer latex, its personal preference.


hope that helps and any questions, please ask!

ive no applied.......around 10 caps so far!

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