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Revan CLR T-Shirt

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The shirt is made of black fabric with long sleeves.

A horizontal line of black piping is sewn across the chest, and is visible just above the chest armor.

The shirt collar is worn in a high, form-fitting style similar to a Mandarin collar.


Anyone got any lines on this shirt?

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No shirt that I know of comes with the appropriate collar and piping. Plus, positioning the piping really depends on where your chest armor and the cowl of your hood sits.


Most people just take a basic black turtleneck, cut a line across the chest where it needs to be, and sew in some piping (you can get this at JoAnn or any hobby store that sells notions).

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What I ended up doing for mine was getting generic off-brand Under Armour at a Dunham's (no markings) and my girlfriend had the idea to pinch a line across the middle at the right height and sew it rather than add piping. I'm terrible with a sewing machine so she ended up doing it but it worked great as that's a stretchy material. It probably wouldn't work so well if you were using a cotton turtleneck.

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