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Darth Maleval

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Hi wanted to know if this guy could get approved, plan on doing a legion costume as him:

Darth Maleval from star wars legacy comics:



He has a page on

also he has more than 3 references and multiple pictures of him including sides front and back, also there is a official hasbro action figure of him and i happen to have one.

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Good Afternoon,


I believe Darth Maleval would qualify as a Legion approvable character.


I strongly caution against reposting images from a Wikipeda entry, or Google search as reference without origin credit as both of these sources lead to fan art which can be misleading.


Legacy featured two Quarren SIth Lords, Darth Maleval and Darth Azard;



Darth Maleval appeared in SW Legacy 4.

Darth Azard appeared in SW Legacy 20--22 and 47


It is possible for folk unfamiliar with the comics to mix and match costume details. As such, please consider SW Legacy the originating source for both characters.


Be well,


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kk ty, By the way thomas i was looking at the pictures in my phone the other day and i found you wearing the clone emperor costume in it from CV

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