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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! Just like many of you, I ordered my Revan kit from Wicker Armor and had some questions for you all. The hood I received is made of a different material than the one picture on their website and in their fitting documentation. The material I have is a lot more flowing and silk-like with a slight sheen, than the linen weave style they show in their pictures. My questions are, what kind of material did you receive in your kit and would this material still meet the CRL? I wouldn't say the material I have is considered "heavy" as required. I've attached some pictures of my WIP and th
  2. I posted an earlier thread regarding my modification to how the capelet straps attach to the front armor of my Darth Revan. I described changing the attachment so the capelet straps reach up out of the armor to feed through D rings attached to the capelet. This made it a lot easier to put on the capelet without help. I wanted to share additional images but was unable to add them in a reply to this earlier post: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1779-becoming-darth-revan-a-womans-perspective-part-vi-connecting-the-cape-straps/ I tried this out on a troop and
  3. I purchased the Deluxe Revan from My Wicked Armor. The cape has long straps attached that are designed to tie to loops that are attached to the inside of the front armor. I made a modification to allow me to dress without help and connect the straps more easily. I wanted to have straps connected to the inside of the armor that reach up to attach to the cape instead. I wanted to utilize D rings, such as with this fabric belt, with the D rings attached to short straps on the top of the cape: I found I had this bag stashed in the closet with a strap the same width and similar look as