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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All! I am rather new to the forums and this is my first build for the 501st that I am working on. I have been a long time lurker of these forums using these and the 501st CRL for Lana Beniko as additional resources for details as well as the SWTOR game. I have the majority of my mark 1 costume done following the CRLs but I know I missed a few details on the boots and tunic. I was hoping for constructive feedback from the members so that I could hopefully start the 501st approval process sometime in the next year with this costume. Here is the full costume as I have completed it so far. I havent made any real progress since getting to this stage last year due to other things I've had to work on as well as COVID. I know its not the greatest picture. Was kinda rushed last year. I'll see if I can find a better one. I dont know if I have a better one of the full costume. I know of at least 5 more things that I am needing to finish before I can even say I have all the parts as part of the CRL. Chest armor piece Boot bags Wig finishing finish strapping on the boots near the ankles Add the trapazoids near the bottom on the sides of the tunic. I missed that detail when I first made it. All of the armor that I've made is made of EVA foam. I noticed unlike most of the trooper CRLs Lana's doesn't have the requirement for PLA or other form of plastic (3D printed), so I went for EVA foam since I dont have access to a 3d printer. I also went a little further for her right arm gauntlet and added lights to it, as since during game play you can see its illuminated. I love doing things with electronics for builds, so I added this to mine to get the colors. I'm still kinda new to wig modification. Currently the one I have is a little long so I need to trim it as well as style it to better match. Any constructive feedback any other Lana's here have is greatly appreciated. Would like to know now rather than applying blindly. :) Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone! Here I am again with more Lana. Hoping to finish those in time for Celebration 2019. Really planning on going this time. After a long break from cosplaying this beautiful Sith Lady, I'm back. And going for two costumes from Shadow of Revan expansion. Well gloves and boots are the same for each version. And that's where similarities stop. But I'm still going to do both versions at the same time. Would like to name those - Rishi Disguise and Shadow of Revan Arts by Sticklove from DeviantArt. There are enough reference photos for both costumes, but for the first post I decided to post those And just one screenshot of her Rishi Disguise. I'm thinking with this outfit the headgear is very important (also saves you trouble worring about a wig xD) Will be quoting Aeon from this topic quite a lot - http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1736-lana-beniko-swtor-character-research/&page=2
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