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  1. IK armor kits are $350 + shipping These kits come in 3 sizes: Petite female, average M/F, Lrg Male I can be reached at kbprops@yahoo.com for faster responses
  2. Haven't been here for a while and am happy to see the responses to my questions. I have made several improvements to the molds, most specificly detail lines. I do agree that the detail was lacking a bit on the forearms in the pull, with the greeblies attached. Going forward, again, the greeblees are seperate resin pieces. I ask again, if anyone can share more hi res pics of the areas of concern I would be thankful, K
  3. I understand there are issues with my armor. The most apparent is the abdomen section. Now when I decided to make this armor the second pic was the most detailed pic I had as well as some screen caps The point I am trying to make here is that as good as the other makers armor is, it is more Jedi than sith , by looking at the pictures. the area between the chest and abdomen armor looks more like the under suit than part of the armor, in the pics. There is no center diamond shape on the chest armor for the sith. If I am wrong please LMK. That is why I made both Jedi And Sith abdomen sections. I will admit my shoe armor need to be improved but, I need to know why my armor is not approvable. It was made from all available images. If someone has hi res images to share please do so. I am not trying to start a conflict here I just want information.
  4. OK, I have finally finished making the molds fro the average size female armor. I did sell one set to Mizuno Here on this board!!! The armor is just like the petite set except a little bigger to fit more Fem-Knights LMK if you are interested and I will send Pics as I rushed the set out and forgot to take pics. Kevin
  5. How do I get it approved as I am the first to make it? You would submit the pics to your GML along with reference material to back up any choices you made. The GML would then post it up to the GML forum where the LMOs, DLs and GMLs of the Legion will discuss the costume and make a decision. Thank You Brother for the Tip!!!! Kevin
  6. How do I get it approved as I am the first to make it?
  7. Those hand plates without the claws can be thrown as hard as you can to the ground and they will not break. The resin is amazing. You can sand out the back side to make them lighter, I just didnt have a chance to do for people as everything came together at the last minute. Kevin
  8. For anyone interested, I make The armor kits and am ready to take orders. PM for details I am 5'9" 235# Kevin
  9. Bill, I use MDF=medium density fiberboard=lowes $32 for 4'/8' sheet it glues fast and carves/sculpts quickly with a grinder. I also use a beltsander, files a palm sander and bondo to smooth everthing out!!!! Kevin
  10. This run will happen after the first of the year, just want to get the holidays out of the way!!!! Kevin
  11. (I did not sculpt any masters out due to the low response. ) This is an old statement I am actually in the finishing stages of making these molds, Will ffer a run after the 1st of the year.
  12. Here are a couple pics of me in costume at A local troop here in Vegas. National Child Immunization day! Don't mind the ugly mug! These are the transfer pods we used to transport us planetside!!! just for fun!
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