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  1. Donation: 5 US Dollars Transactionscode: 4LR936475G108224C
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Patricia. I’m a member of the German Garrison. I’ve joined a month ago as DZ-30779 (Jawa). At present I’m putting together my next two costumes, which are the Imperial Warrant Officer (RotJ) and Darth Nihilus KotoR. Unfortunately, I ran into problems right at the beginning. I always try to start my costumes with the most difficult parts. By doing this I try to find out if I can accomplish putting together the costume or not. After that I start with the easier stuff. One problem is the boots, which I’m working on and I seems like it will be solved in the near future. The other one is the mask and blackout mask. I can’t stand to wear the black out mask. I’m having major difficulties wearing contact lenses. The blackout mask itself makes me feel claustrophobic and it still stinks after being washed four times. Wearing a regular white mask and black face colors isn’t an option because I won’t be able to hide my glasses. So I tried to create a black face mask with the white mask on top, similar to the one that Robert of “wicked armor” uses. It didn’t work out to well. So I tried to solve the issue by contacting “wicked armor” a couple of weeks ago and asking Robert if I could buy one of his fantastic masks but I haven’t heard anything from him yet. Until I hear from him I’m trying out a new material for the masks. It is called “worblas” and many German cosplayers use it to form their armors out of it. I’ll post updates and pictures on the progress when I have something to tell you about.
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