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  1. Long time no post very excited about my progress! getting ready to work on the belts and the tabard :)
  2. Hi all, I'm looking where to buy either the full saber or empty hilt/diy kit of Asajj Ventress' sabers depicted in TCW I know there are a couple 3d kits out there but I'd love to work with a metal hilt if I could thx
  3. Thank you! I appreciate pointing out the shirt! I didn't realize they needed to be different fabrics, but looking back at the CRL the shirt isn't stated to be crushed velvet, so I'll probably remake it ^^;
  4. This is what I’ve dyed so far layered over what I’ve done for my top (incomplete at the moment)
  5. Hello! I’m building a Ventress and I’m looking at her wraps and have a question ventress is pictured with these variegated wraps. The CRL states that they should be “light grey wraps with deep lilac shading” pic of ventress attached for reference im looking to kind of gradient dye strips and layer them to get the effect in the images. Here’s what I have so far (attached in follow up post) would something like this be approvalble?
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