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  1. bdh1138

    Revan CRL questions and build WIP

    I picked up some muslin and black cotton twill to start on the soft goods the other day, and tonight I started patterning the skirt. I'm pretty happy with the general look, but before proceeding, I wanted to double check whether there's an exact number of pleats required. It looks like about 6 on each side to me, but I just wanted to be sure.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been looking at doing a Revan build and looking over the updated CRL, and I had a couple questions about how much room there is for interpreting the reference materials as long as the finished product looks like the game character. Specifically I'm wondering about the armor and the cowl/hood. For the armor, features are frequently described as "ridges", and I can definitely see areas where the game model is shaded to suggest this despite the flat geometry beneath. However, some of the markings, particularly on the upper portion of the cuirass, look more like engraved lines than raised strips to me. Is that an acceptable way of representing them, or do they all need raised edges? For my other question, I feel like the line of piping on the shirt could also be taken as a seam where the fully enclosed cowl tucks back under and is affixed to the shirt. Again, I'm wondering if that would be a valid way of representing the feature as long as it *is* represented in the costume. Thanks in advance for any advice with these
  3. bdh1138

    Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) Question

    Both of those seem reasonable to me. The red armor appears across several issues, but since both have the collar piece and there were almost 50 issues between appearances, I could easily see Jan intending to do the same armor in the pencils but the colorists forgetting the unique color scheme. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. bdh1138

    Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) Question

    So I've been thinking more about this costume and I ran into another potential snag for approval. Due to his unfortunately limited number of actual on-page appearances, his sleeves are almost never shown. I'm pretty sure that Jan only showed each cuff on a single page through the entire 50 issue run of Legacy. As a result, we only see them from one side. On his left, we see an open sleeve with a bit of gold trim. On the right, the same sort of sleeve, but beneath a single gauntlet or bracer. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that the details of the bracer or the gold trim would be symmetric, but unfortunately, an assumption is all it is. Does it seem like there's enough reference for his royal robes to be approved, or are the available images not enough? I've also considered doing Fel's battle armor, but for my preferred variation, the same issue crops up. Initially, for a single cover and a couple of panels, he seems to have an imperial knight uniform with an extra collar piece in gold and the upper shoulders done in black and gold. However, since these are its only appearances, we never see this armor below the waist to know for certain if it's the same as standard IK. The only version of the battle armor that actually has fairly complete views sadly drops the black and gold accents, simply becoming a standard imperial knight with an extra red collar piece. So I'm still on the fence about where I eventually want to go with this project. If anybody has opinions or experience with this sort of thing and wants to weigh in on whether the royal robes or gold-trimmed battle armor would be approvable, I'd be grateful for their advice!
  5. bdh1138

    Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) Question

    Well, I sent an e-mail to Jan Duursema, and she basically said the same. I guess it'll depend on what I'm able to find to work with. The prospect of buying enough velvet to make a large, floor length cloak is daunting, but I might test some small swatches of cheaper stretch velvet they sell for Halloween costumes to see if I can get a decent look.
  6. I've been toying with the idea of building a Roan Fel costume lately. For anyone unfamilliar, that's this dashing fellow from the Legacy comic series. Most of the outfit looks reasonably straightforward. However, I did want to get some community opinions on one particular aspect: the cloak. What do you all thin the diagonal lines are supposed to represent? The weave of the fabric, a printed (or woven) pattern in a different color, some sort of embossing, or something else? And for that matter, when it comes to interpreting 2d art like this, how is the "correct" interpretation for 501st approval generally determined? Or is it more a situation where any version that accurately reflects what's seen on the page can be acceptable even though different people may achieve that look in different ways? Thanks so much for any advice you can provide on this
  7. bdh1138

    Hound Xesh?

    I haven't seen anyone do it for the 501st, but I dig the character and series. It would be a cool one to see. Have you seen Jan Duursema's breakdown of her initial plans for his outfit? Not all of it matches in color or apparent material to the finished pages, but I think it would be a great place to start. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  8. bdh1138

    Reborn Revan?

    On a different note, though I don't have many materials or much time to work on this while I'm at school (not to mention the fact that Finishing my Kylo, Kanan, Rohlan Dyre, and Krennic are higher priorities at the moment), I did get a bit of a start blocking out the SWTOR style mask. My plan is to fiberglass and bondo it once it has a forehead, and then do the scarring and gouges with a dremel.
  9. bdh1138

    My Exar Kun WIP (VERY pic heavy)

    I've been thinking about replacing the lame foam collar and actually finishing this up sometime soon, but before I do so, I wanted to ask: Is my slight hybridization of sources a problem for a potential 501st application? I've realized my amulet idea was kind of silly and I can easily go with the comic style, but I'd still like to avoid the rougher collar and the armored arms if possible. I guess what I'm really going for is this look but since his legs and back aren't visible, I'm filling in from other places, specifically the Sith War comics that this was based on. That said, I don't know how that notion would go over with you guys. Since there are so many differences in the majority of Kun artwork, is it acceptable to fill in details like that from two reasonably similar versions, or would I have to pick one (mostly) consistent source (ie just use the comics as reference) that captures all the details? I'm sure I can deal with the rock collar and stillsuit arms if I need to, but I still thought I'd ask and find out.
  10. bdh1138

    Reborn Revan?

    Hey, sorry to necropost, but this has been kicking around my head again recently and I wanted to work out some thoughts. I've been trying to work out how exactly I would represent his battle damage, particularly with the chest armor. It just seems kind of muddy in the game model and I was wondering just how much creative interpretation is allowed in translating it to a costume. Here's a quick sketch of what I generally see the battle damage looking like As best I can tell, he's got lots of small scratches and dings and two really big features. One is a large diagonal gash running down close to the middle of the armor. The other is whatever is going on along the bottom edge. In the game, it almost looks like large pieces of armor have been cut away or cut into to and there is a recessed layer sitting farther back from the rest on area. I'm not sure exactly how to represent that in the flesh though. Looking at the textures on his model and looking at that concept art I posted originally, I almost thing it's supposed to look like it's been crushed or crumpled and then hammered back out. Would approximating that with some heat shaping and dremel work to rough it up fit what he's supposed to look like, or should I go a more direct route and sand out big swaths in the shapes visible here to stick more directly to the game? Here's a turnaround of his character model for reference
  11. bdh1138

    Reborn Revan?

    Good to know. I was torn between this version of Revan or Darth Marr, but I think battle damaged Revan here is going on my project list now. I probably won't be starting on him too soon, as I'm close to finishing my Kanan for the RL and I'm trying not to get distracted with new WIPs before I make it through one I've already got. I might keep updating with my plans and questions for the time being though.
  12. bdh1138

    Reborn Revan?

    I've been thinking about this with the new TOR expansion, and I wanted to get some input on where you all think this would fit, it it does anywhere. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT THE STORY OF 'SHADOW OF REVAN SPOILED' So I haven't played it myself, but the latest expansion to the SW:TOR mmo evidently features the return of Revan. I really dig the battle damaged costume, but I wanted to see where exactly this fits in terms of club membership. And this is where I'm going to get into some spoilers. As I understand it from synopses and cut scenes, the Revan in this expansion is kind of an unusual case. Apparently, when he appeared to die in a previous flashpoint, he tried to become one with the Force but only part of his spirit split off. The serene Jedi part of his nature became a force ghost while the part of him that was still twisted by the dark side wouldn't let go. So what's left is essentially "Revan's dark side" walking around in his body. I'm probably doing a terrible job explaining this, but like I said, I haven't played that far in the game yet. That bit makes me think this is more of a 501st character, but his role in the game makes me unsure. I guess his motivation and plan, however ill advised and dark-side fueled, are still aimed against the Sith Emperor. His ultimate goal is still to fully destroy the Emperor, who at this point has just lost physical form. However, his plan is apparently dangerous enough to the galaxy that forces from the Republic and Empire team up to stop him. So that's what leaves me confused about how to classify this guy. He's kept alive by hatred, but working against the biggest galactic threat of his time, and his plan to do so makes enemies of both the Sith and the Jedi. What say you, 501st members? I think he'd fit in more here than with the Rebel Legion, but I'm honestly not sure if his character fits fully into the purview of either club.
  13. bdh1138

    Darth Bane (the clone wars)

    Can't wait to see your progress! I made a version of his helmet as more of a display piece for myself a while back because I liked the design so much. Should make for a very cool costume!
  14. bdh1138

    Exar Kun - Has it been done?

    I'm pretty far into my WIP (A couple threads below this one) viewtopic.php?f=29&t=2739 I've seen a few other people start the task but I haven't seen any complete costumes (at least no ones that stayed particularly close to the comic art.)
  15. bdh1138

    My Exar Kun WIP (VERY pic heavy)

    And here's my latest partial test fit. At the moment, big picture at least, I'm mostly down to armor pieces. I still have to finish shoulders, gauntlets, knees, and ankles. I also need to finish some more belts and leather straps as well as a lightsaber hilt. Over all though, I feel like I've made good progress. And pay no attention to the Obi-Wan force FX. I just couldn't resist having some sort of saber for the pictures