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  1. Klajdek

    Darth Talon Project

    Good, if you remember that Talon's shoes are longer than typical "over-the-knee" (: You can use some leather/faux leather parts to "prolong" the uppers. I hope that your project will be continued!
  2. Klajdek

    Polish Darth Talon

    Thanks You again! Here are the photo of the revised elements (in particular bra), and better painting for application which has been accepted (: (hosting broke quality ): ) PS: Okashi- Your meme is awesome crazy! ;D
  3. Klajdek

    Polish Darth Talon

    Thanks Julie (: But... Over the last few days, after the election headquarters of "my" garrison, I followed on a regular basis my application. Finally I lived to see and... I was APPROVED my first costume!! This message made ​​with happiness I probably have not sleep this night... Thank you all for the comment, help and tips (: Now I have (oh this pressure!) finish electronics for my lightsaber to complete costume. Photos coming soon!
  4. Klajdek

    Polish Darth Talon

    Thank you for support, guys! Now, I'm waiting for a reply to my second application with all amendments of my armor and bra. Keep your fingers crossed! Yup, I have (: I sent to you on priv the link (:
  5. Klajdek

    Polish Darth Talon

    Thank you for the reply, Okashi (: Finally, I finished a new version of the bra. Now, it should meet the conditions of the CLR- have more visible lines and deeper "V" incision between of the cups. It probably will be little changed-now leather is still stiff. (: Front and back of leather top: And details: I was sending more photo with details of other elements of Talon armor. I haven't changed them much-deepened cutting scars, and reduce the silver "streaks" around it on steel. Arms armor: Legs armor: Headpiece: Belt: And whole happy, amor "family" (;
  6. Klajdek

    Polish Darth Talon

    Hi everyone! (: At the beginning I would like to warn you that I don't know English very well, so I apologize in advance for my spelling mistakes and other "miscommunication"! My name is Klaudia and I live in Lodz-city in central Poland. For many years (or maybe not so many c'ouse I'm 22 years old), I am interested in "characterization" and always had a tendency to choose costumes demanding and problematic to create (when other little girls wanted to be princesses, fairies and beauty ladies, I dressing up as mummies, Duke Igthorn, Ursula (The Little Mermaid), and "guy in a mask from "The Scream Movie"). I overreacted when I wanted wookiee after seeing Star Wars. Darth Talon is my first costume in which I would like to join the 501st Legion, and work on it I began more than a year ago. She was my little motivation for losing a few pounds (yup, woman and their problem!), and the requirements of the 501st for this character taught me patience and precision. I started my project only with gloves and many enthusiasm. For half a year was saving money to buy lekku and some the most expensive elements for costume, which I couldn't do myself (salaries in Poland are very low, especially for young people who work and study at the same time). First, I bought the shoes on ebay- long, flat boots over knee to half thigh. But it had to be lengthened. Now, it look like: Next were the lens- I choose "Orange Werewolf" of CrazyEyes because I wore them once I felt very comfortable in. (I know, image is not good quality): My long, red lekku created Eva and Twi'lek Paradise team- I really jumped for happy and admiration when I received a parcel! Thank you again The next day I started to paint tattoos with a special paint for latex (noname from shop for artists) mixed with acrylic paint. Each pattern I was painting without a template with pointed brush for 3-4 h. Every inequalities improved by "corrector alcohol" made ​​from a cotton swab, and this is effect: Later events moved very quickly - "end" of the first version of Talon costume I planned for the International Festival of Comics and Games , which takes place in my hometown . A month before the event, I bought paint needed for bodypainting ( Mehron Paradisse ), PROS-Aide and other necessary items. I made templates for the tattoo with soft sheets of plastic. Painting practiced on a mannequin which I purchased specifically this purpose ( I call her "Krysia" ) - previously seen this patent on this forum, so I took advantage ( : (photo: https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/q71/s720x720/1236118_647966791904566_531224919_n.jpg ) Face Makeup I also practiced on the fake-head (photo: https://scontent-a-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/q71/s720x720/1185605_647123275322251_1322645023_n.jpg ). This was made by marker, so it isn't good quality, but it helps with the preparations in events. Lightsaber hilt I sculpted out of clay. It has a empty hole in the middle to insert into the electronics of FX Lightsaber and install the blade. Before... https://scontent-b-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/q71/s720x720/600630_647966621904583_1703398356_n.jpg And after painting: https://scontent-a-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/q71/s720x720/1381733_656838971017348_132708993_n.jpg Two weeks before the Festival the craftsmen sent me a bad news- steel armor ,which I ordered in July, wouldn't be ready on time. I had to take matters into their own hands and prepare everything myself. It almost make me cry- I have no material, not skill, but I must try. Soft parts was made from eco leather ( top ), a belt is from really leather. Armour was made from EVA Foam. I painted it to pretend metal textures. Miraculously, I managed to finish everything on time. The first body painting took me about 5 hours, including appending lekku , clothing and access to the event place in Atlas Arena. My " trial " costume: A couple of tattoos has not been painted-hip-or incorrectly-thigh, lower back. Alone I painted only the face and chest. With the rest body helped me my friends from Polish Garrison (Magda and Dorota). PG really supported me in the project and served any assistance. On next event - Falkon 2013- I decided to test the effectiveness of new templates. I gave up with foam elements. At Falkon I wore metal armor-made ​​of stainless, acid-resistant steel in black metalic color (the scars are brighter- I add photo later) My last version (and I send first application with this... ) I still have to improve "this" and "that", so any tips welcome (particularly with the strips which hold the armor in place- now I use black clothing gum). (: Thanks a lot! Klaudia