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  1. DeathStarBaby

    Barriss Traitor - WIP DeathStarBaby

    Hi, thanks for the input. I have been struggling to find ribbed jersey style material. Finally found this stretchy ribbed material, and then the widder ribbed for the centre. The alternative was a corduroy material but that’s not stretchy or jersey, and also doesn’t fall the same way as costume. There seems to be ether fine ribbed material as is mine or the much wider, but nothing in between to accentuate the difference. Can anyone suggest a source please? The ribbing on the skirt is acceptable? Is there an option to rework the top? And the centre piece of the top is acceptable? Thanks again. Charlotte..
  2. Hi Everyone, Have been toying with a Barriss costume for a while, and have finally managed to make a start. Have followed the CRL but need some input on my progress so far please. Sleeves not finished. Have to determine the length and shape on the top of the hand. Buckle not yet attached to belt. I have 2 options for the boots so currently TBD. Work on the forearm rigid brace has not yet started. Still trying to determine the most suitable material. Keen to have your input on changes. Thanks, Charlotte.
  3. DeathStarBaby

    Bariss Offee: Traitor (Photos and CRL Needed)

    Hi Everyone, I currently have a TIE pilot and have recently started work on my Bariss. Hoping to get comments and input on my progress so far. Photos to follow. Have used the reference photos as a resource. Thanks, Charlotte.