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  1. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Email sent!
  2. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Awesome. Should I post in this thread, or via PM or email?
  3. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Her Sithness, Yes, that's the position I'm in now, he only appears in three episodes of Legends, and in all three he looks a tad different: 1. His Holocron ghost 2. His re-animated body 3. His second Holocron ghost I can provide links to the pictures I'm talking about if necessary. The only two things that remain constant are the skeletal features of his face, and the headgear he wears. Everything else is subject to the artist's drawings, as is common with the comics, especially Legends. Armor on/armor off, face has skin/face has almost no skin, lighsaber/no lightsaber... I'm thinking this may not be doable, but I figured I'd ask first.
  4. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Greetings from Wayfar South! I'm currently making a Darth Andeddu kit from Star Wars Legacy. I couldn't find a CRL for this character on the Sith Lords Forums, so I'm guessing he's never been done? Any help to help me make the Immortal God-King of Prakith come (back) to life would be appreciated. If this post is in the wrong place, please let me know. Thanks!