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  1. I’m not much help but maybe 3d printing a sith stalker helmet then making the addons is a option to the helmet. Claws I found a file here they are https://pinshape.com/items/9174-3d-printed-sith-stalker-finger-blades rest i say for the clothing say kind of a Tusken build look, with the leather pouch’s stuff I say have to build yourself. I’m not much help as I’m looking around to do the Hoth version. But I hope this helps at least. if not contact Wicked armors maybe see if they build it for you.
  2. Hello everyone! i am Chris Sikora known as CC-19262 in the 501st. Im currently seeking some help on where I can get curtain parts made for a Lord Starkiller. I will I’ll be having the helmet made, but like to know where I could get the shoulders and back light box made. Is their 3d printed files or will this need to be something custom made? The CRL also shows for the lightsabers I could use any 5 sabers or for level 2 have the 5 it wants to pass level 2 of the CRL. If anyone can send me leads to do my shoulders it be a good start after my helmet. also could I use a Vader suit and then modify it into how Starkiller need to be? Many questions on s so I hope I placed this in the right area of the discussion. Thanks! images I uploaded are images I found but no leads on where or how I can build the armor. Besides have Wicked Armors make it.
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