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    Wine, Whisky, a good bunch of food, miniature painting, an inch of video games, a good dose of charity involvement and a topping of friends. :p
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    French Garrison
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  1. Thank you ! I guess sometimes time goes faster than we think. ^^’
  2. Hi everybody ! I just realised that I was falling at all my duties and I did not properly introduced myself on the forum. (Shame on me yes !) I am from the French Garrison, I joined the Legion bit more than 2 years ago. Last year I completed a Seventh Sister and proudly joined the TFE. Alas work and activities have been a bit crazy and I did not found time to do things right. So now here I am and I am eager to see what's going on on the detachment and if I can be of any usefull help to promote the TFE.
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