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  1. Caaw

    revan build

    Ok thanks For that. Does any one have pictures of the shirt as I'm struggling with that. Was thinking compression top but no idea how to get the piping on chest.
  2. Caaw

    revan build

    Hi folks I'm looking at putting revan together, I have all the parts but am struggling with the shirt does any one have any pictures of there's please. Also the cape does it fit to the chest with lobster clips are just tie to the rings as it looks like ctrls have altered since people have there costumes built so seen various methods. I'll get some pics up once I can get the wife to help take them. Cheers all Caaw
  3. Hi guys I'm looking at putting a Revan together. I have a Biker scout already approved 501st, and a Vader ESB I'm working on. Can't get my profile link from 501st page to add on here but I'd number is 20072. Cheers Caaw