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  1. For some odd reason, I can't load photos, so here is a link to the build albums here: https://brandondougherty.imgur.com/
  2. I'm working on this costume for my girlfriend. We are also having a hard time finding the right aviator cap. From the references in the latest comics, this appears to be almost identical to a US Navy WWII Leather Aviator Helmet. Most of which are very expensive on eBay or in very poor shape. And even then, some modification might be necessary with cutting and glueing leather over the ear cups. I think I might be best off finding someone to make us one and would like to see if anyone else here has found someone to do it that they could recommend. I am also seeing alot of people getting approved with a black and red jacket as opposed to the CRL's grey and red. Most of these people are using some form of leather jacket that they've modified. In reading the comics, I'm definitely seeing it more black than grey.
  3. Brandalfthegrey

    Christel's Doctor Aphra Build

    This is the work in progress for my girlfriend's Doctor Aphra build. We found a short sleeved leather jacket on eBay and decided that it'd be a perfect base to start with. We found some red vinyl at Joanne Fabrics to create the red accenting on the jacket and gloves. We found the aviator cap on eBay (Chinese Mig Fighter). We will be modifying the aviator cap by adding brown leather over the ear cups and removing some straps and snaps. Pictured, Christel modeling the base set before alterations, proper belt and boots were ordered later. For the belt, we contacted Madeline Anderson of Minnesota Force to create one. The boots were found at Sak's 5th Ave Outlet. Leather fingerless gloves and aviator goggles were found on eBay. The white T-shirt and grey pants were found at WalMart. The lighting made them appear a purplish hue, we may try to find a better pair. Alterations on the jacket, gloves and aviator cap is being performed by Elaine's Sewing and Alterations. Updates to follow soon...
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