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  1. Any updates for this build? I just got the helmet 3D printed and was looking for the CRL for this build.
  2. Is there an approved CRL for SWTOR Revan. The costume is different from KOTOR, however, he is a boss in the game and there is two or three variants to choose from. The only one I could find is the KOTOR Revan.
  3. Does Calo Nord from Kotor fall under this detachment as well? He was a bounty hunter from the original gam e . I have chosen to use the costume from SWTOR as I think it is clearer to see the costume.
  4. Found a pattern for the tunic that might work for reference in the build!
  5. Currently researching new costume ideas as my Hux uniform is getting worn out. As I often state, I am interested in doing more SWTOR builds as there doesn't seem to be very many. I also love the Chiss Ascendancy! Tharwn for Prezzy!!! Anyway, my question is, Does the "Ascendancy Soldier" armor set that was released for the "A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint” qualify for this detachment? Since I believe this might actually be the first time it was considered, if not please let me know where I can go for research, what criteria do I need in order to get it approved? I plan to be in Chiss makeup as to keep to the Chiss theme. I first tried this on the IOC forums, and I was told that this detachment was where I should look.  Here are the male and female images for this build, the rest can be viewed in the hyperlink above.  Parts of the costume: - Tunic- Be careful, there are a lot of seams that are hard to see from afar. I believe I got them all for the tunic. - Fabric- Looking at using Black Gabardine (0066-4532) material for the Coat. No visible seam on the tailcoat - Shoulder Armor - looks to be 3 pieces. The fabric goes underneath the shoulder armor and looks like they might be connected. - Gloves - Bracers - Gauntlets - Bicep - Belt - Greaves/Trousers - look like they stop just below the knee. Almost like a capree. - Fabric- With the picture reference, it is difficult to tell if it is white or light gray, so I found a White Gabardine (0055-2729) for the fabric sample. - Knee Plates - Boots - Boot Armor/Spats Optional: - Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Vibro Sword, Vibrostaff Colors: Based off of how often combinations are scene, total guess on position in hirarchy. - Blue/White (Footsoldier), White/Blue (Staff Officer), Red/Blue/White (Medic), Light Grey/Dark Grey (Officer), Dark Grey/Light Grey (Spec Ops), Black/Yellow/White (Syndic) My origional post about this build is here. I plan for this to be the main place for updates. Reference site here Pattern example and Fabric: Tunic: McCall's M4745 / Black Gabardine 0066-4532 (Both I found at Joanne's) Pants: / White Gabardine 0055-2729 (found at Joanne's) More to come!!!
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