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  1. Hi Nina, Thanks very much for the your post and apologize for my late reply. Yes, the skinny issue can be fixed by adding clothes or foam beneath the armor. I'm just afraid the overall size would be too large for me, like the width and the length, and the proportion would look weird..... And you are right, leather armor is not a going to be comfortable.... I think I'll drop it. Some of my friends suggest to use EVA, but there is an issue about EVA, it may crack after worn couple of times. Does anyone know how to strengthen EVA costume.....?
  2. Hello, I'm Mana from Chinese Garrison. I joined the Legion in 2011. I'm here looking for some help on SL Darth Revan costume. I came across an issue with the armor. I'm very skinny, 5'4 tall, so the normal resin armor does fit me very well. I'm thinking if the armor could be made out of leather. The issue is, I found a leather crafter but neither of us know how to create the pattern on chest piece. Does anyone know any approved leather made Darth Revan costume? I really hope to learn some techniques from others who had similar experience. Thanks very much.
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