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  1. Materials and technique research Ill source the leather locally, but I found a nice selection of thin neoprene and wool crepe neoprene - https://www.amazon.com/Neoprene-Fabric-Wetsuit-Material-Stretch/dp/B089F69MPJ/ crepe - https://www.denverfabrics.com/p197701_apparel-designer-fabrics-wool-crepe-black-wool-crepe I’m still searching for some boots that I can use as a base. I found a great video on high density printing. I’ll be using that technique to create the striped pattern.
  2. Leggings Just above the knee a legging starts (I’m calling that knee part leggings but it’s all together) The front is pleated and the back is ruched. Looks a little random in back so maybe just controlling excess fabric? Uses the same neoprene as the bodysuit. The boots are leather and don’t look to have a zipper. They are loose so probably easy to pull up.
  3. Very excited to do this build! Now that I have pictures from Celebration I can start sharing my thoughts as I prepare for this. It’s too bad I couldn’t go to Celebration, but my friends were looking out for me. The pictures have been pouring in. After having a very intense conversation with my friend (also a very experienced costumer) I’m getting a good idea of what I’ll need. This is going to be super image heavy. There was a lot of glare so getting a shot of the whole thing at once was tricky. I’ll start from the top down. Armor Looks to be leather for collar, chest piece and shoulders. There are raw edges on the pieces so you can see the rough edges. This is a great example from the back. There appear to be 4 separate parts: chest piece, gorget, shoulder upper and lower. The chest piece is open in the back to expose the cape. Fabric thoughts for cape is wool crepe. I’ll be ordering some swatches soon. The gorget is made of two parts and comes together with Velcro. This is a picture from the back. There are two decorative pieces at the back. Not sure if those are leather or not. There is an Imperial cog on the right shoulder and nothing on the left. Undertunic/bodysuit The tunic is leather or faux leather. There is an interesting rubber (?) part on center front. There is an obvious zipper on the rib neck collar so we speculated that the under suit is one piece. The arms are sewn into the leather tunic. The tunic appears to be longer in the back, but the cape was in the way so I can only see a little of it. The sleeves are made up of two fabrics. One side Is screen printed. The other side unprinted and could be neoprene. The pants of the bodysuit are the same There are princess seams in the tunic and there is a large leather corselet on either side of the waist and a belt with piping and LED covers. In the image below you can a bit of webbing under the tunic. Still puzzling that, but it makes a good argument that maybe the undersuit is in two parts and that is a belt holding up the pants maybe. There are bracers on the arms that are also leather. They also have that rubber detail as in the front. Left side has LED detail and the right is blank. Gloves The gloves have the same print as the bodysuit minus the stripes. The palm is the unprinted neoprene. There is a leather hand cover with an elastic loop and what is probably Velcro on the hand I’ll add the boots and other details in the next post
  4. Have you tried a rubber cast? Maybe just do a small square and see what result you get. Or even resin with a semi-gloss finish?
  5. That would make sense if it was polyurethane or something like that. Heavy stuff. Looking forward to seeing her in action
  6. No worries. I’m not building until I have clear shots and 360 view to work from, but it doesn’t hurt to try something’s out.
  7. @TrachtaI can’t wait for the show to start so I can have better images, but after analyzing all the images I could find I don’t think her armor is leather. I think it’s different hardnesses of polyurethane. I’m going to cast some test pieces and try it out. I also think the tunic is a faux leather of some sort. There is an images with wrinkles that are more compressed than you’d get with leather. I did buy that armor. I need to tweak some things, but it will be perfect for making parts to cast.
  8. I have a room full of 3D printers, but the armor looked like leather to me. What are your thoughts on that?
  9. This looks very close. Turned on the bias of course. https://www.denverfabrics.com/p271499_70442
  10. Good shots! I’m doing a search for a stripe that looks close. I doubt I’ll find exactly that. I’ve found a couple of options. I’ll share and get opinions after I’ve gathered them.
  11. I’m all about Reva! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get to play a face character. I don’t even need to change my hair. I’m researching fabric and looking for good images to get as much detail as possible. Need a good one of the boots.
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