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  1. No mine is for CotF, not KotOR 2. I do have foam under the hood from the crown corners to the back of the head. Since These pics were taken last week I have added some foam to perk the corners up so that they are not so pointed downward.
  2. Howdy everybody, My Name is Tom and I am from Fairfield ca. I am in the midst of applying for the Golden Gate Garrison as Darth Nihilus. I just have gone through my fourth attempt at sending in my app pics and had a couple of fixes come back. The GML had stated that my "cat ears", I hate that term, didn't look like the CRL picture if Scott and my Obi, "It appears to be folded over and still something poking out from behind the leather belt. It should be a single layer and nice and flat." I will post those pics so you all can see what he means. I have taken a new set of app pics an I will post them soon and hopefully the fixes I did work. Now I did send the GML an email about the hood corners... "I understand that my hood corners don't look like the one pictures in the CRL, but I only used the written costume description listed in the CRL's. I used combinations of the pictures below as my reference pictures. Almost all are from the game and official advertisements of the game. I have only seen fan art that has the hood corners look that extremely pointy. This is my explanation with references of why my hood is designed and constructed this way." His responce was… "I understand your thought, however the game images are not the same as the crl and that is the basis for me and the DL of TFE for this costume. The game images are not used for the crl and are not what approval is based off of." Now I have a question about this…Wouldn't the licensed LFL images and the written description of the characters look superseed the CRL main picture example? I'm not trying to argue this, just wondering. Please give me as much feedback as possible with the sets of pic I will be posting. Thank you
  3. DTCorvus

    4th attempt app pics

    These are my pics from my 4th attempt at applying.
  4. Hello out there, I'm Tom and I have been applying for Darth Nihilus with the GGG. Now I feel that I have finally fixed all the issues that the GML has brought up, but I need other opinions before sending in my app pics for a 5th time. Where can I post pics of my app photos for you all to look at them? I need all the help I can get, thank you. Tom
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