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    Guri saying hello :)

    Hello everyone! My current Flagship costume is my blue/yellow Guri costume. I am very excited to be here. I plan to expand my Guri costumes in the future. I also have my Imperial Knight (Marasiah Fel) costume that is currently approved in the Rebel Legion, that I intend on getting approved in the 501st as well. I think the Flagship detachment is very special and unique and I am very proud to be here.
  2. Princess Sandy

    Guri saying hello :)

  3. Princess Sandy

    Guri saying hello! :)

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a thread here to say hello to all fellow Guri's in the detachment and that I am very excited to be here. I currently have the blue/yellow Guri costume, but I plan to make other versions in the future because I just love this character.