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  1. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Hi Everyone! Im having a little issue i need some assistance with please. My Armour is quite old so the rectangular details are not vac formed... Can you please give me a measurment and an up close picture please as im trying to mould pieces to attach Thank You x owl x
  2. Owl

    Revan Owl

    @DarthValkyria I should have said that the paint i have is a Hammered effect, so is kind of supposed to look like that.. although i just spayed it very quickly and yes it has areas where the paint has run. I just wanted to see if the colour was appropriate.
  3. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Armour Colour: Can i have you opinion on this colour please
  4. Owl

    Revan Owl

    no worries, sizes go up to 26. mine is a 22 i normaly wear a size 18-20. https://www.bestandless.com.au/Womens-Clothing/Womens-Tops-%26-T--Shirts/Womens-Casual-Tops/Skivvie-Womens/p/617575 https://www.bestandless.com.au/Womens-Clothing/Plus-Size-Womens-Clothing/Plus-Size-Womens-Tops/Plus-Size-Womens-Casual-Tops/Plus-Skivvie-Womens/p/617602
  5. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Awesome thanx! The capelet in the picture came with the kit... I'm sending myself grey trying to work up a new one. I'v managed to get the hood so its fully enclosed and will velcro inplace to the inside of the cuirass to keep it in place, so the piping on the shirt can be seen. Im working on the gathering/buching today.. Ill put up photos of progress for your comments. I got the black skivvy from Best & Less for $12.00. I got a larger size to try and get the "shirt sleeve" effect. Happy to send one if you dont have have this shop!
  6. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Bridges: Chest Armour and Back Bridge: I don't like sewing Vinyl !!! I measured everything and drew the fold lines ect because it was so thick to fold and hold while sewing, i had to adjust the width. So there are a couple of small strips, i decided to leave them there, i dont mind them.. but i can cover that with the kidney armour Skirt, Black Sash and Cape: I'v made a couple of changes to fit to size, hemmed ect, but nothing really to show! Still trying to work out this hood and capelet, ill get back to you on that.... Cheers!
  7. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Bling on my abdo armour: Done as per CRL roughly what it will look like.. * can you please confirm that the Red material on the abdo sits on the ring straps as shown it the picture? and also does the Red material also go around the back onto the kidney armour? Thank You!
  8. Owl

    Revan Owl

    Vertical Drape.. I brought new material so i could colour match for the abdo armour strip. I ironed the measured pleats into place, makes sewing easier (not much straighter though).. HINT: pins put holes in this kind of material so iv taken to using Bull Dog Clips. Back Front: Finished (not to correct size until hard armour is done) What do you think?
  9. Owl

    Revan Owl

    I started with the undershirt. Long sleeve skivvy, i cut the inside of the collar and threaded sthough some thin foam to give it some stiffness Going by the height of my armour, I have then used Paracord to get the piping line across the chest. How do you think that looks?
  10. Owl

    Revan Owl

    So this is what i have to work with!! It's a bit rough, but I'll get there!
  11. Owl

    Revan Owl

    I have a Revan that has been used in the past. It needs some TLC. Iv read through all the build threads so have picked up some good ideas and run with them! Please let me know if you see i'm going off track. Cheers!
  12. Hi Everyone! My name is Aly, from South Australia. I'v just started posting in the Southern Dewback Garrison. My hubby has been a 501st member for a couple of years now, so iv been to troops taking photos and wrangling where needed. I'm just starting a Revan build of my own. Looking forward to chatting with you and soaking up all your Revan knowledge.