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  1. Having originally cleared with RL as a generic jedi and dabbled in a few different costumes, I finally made the jump to the Dark side just over a year ago and cleared with IOC as Staff officer and most recently (August 2018) as Admiral Daala. I now find that I am missing my glowstick when trooping. (I'm not always confident what to do with my hands in photos.) Fortunately, in the UK although there are a number of Revans that have cleared, both light and dark variations, there is yet to be a Lana. My initial hesitation with even getting started on Lana (the idea has been forming in my head for approximately 12 months) is that I am unable to wear contact lenses. However having confirmed that I'm good to go with this as it's a medical reason, it's all steam ahead. I have already been speaking to a maker in the UK for my lightsaber and together they are designing it to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately the saber itself isn't going to be particularly easy to make by the sounds of it. Why did they have to design it with so many parts that don't exist elsewhere... As much as I would like to be able to get a rapid start on the costume, it is going to take a lot of research for me personally, as I have never made armourered/hard parts. With regards to the hair, that is going to initially be a wig. It is a shame as naturally I am the correct colour blonde, however as I still ocassionally costume as Jyn Erso, it'll take a while to grow out. I'll start looking at getting started on the soft parts over the holiday period, however if I get completely overwhelmed, I shall ask the assistance of a costume seamstress I have previously used, depending on her workload.